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U, The following is an example of an incendiary device that is popular amongst European A. It is an uncensored clearing house fo r informa- tion on animal liberation actions, prisoners of war. Use reflecting surfaces, such as Man, boics, shelves, to concentrate the heat. The device is now ready, and can be transported inside a small box.

Chemicals thai must be powdered should be ground separately with clean tools and then mixed in the indicated proportions. A group of elements thai are assembled to start fires. Start the fire low in the target structure and let it spread naturally upwards. There is a time lag, however, be- tween the start of a fire and the destruction of the target During this period the ire max bi discovered and jontrollcdor put out An explosive once detonated has done its work’ Incendiaries arc cheap and little training is needed fcr their preparation and use.

ILkata J TV aia rdua aakl. Hang the incense bundle inside and pull ihc 2 loose wire ends through it The incense bundle should be secured in the middle of the lube, and should not touch the insides. Note thai the definitions are worded so as to cover only incendiaries.

aroudn An intermediate charge briwccn an initiator and an incendiary material. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. It is important that the operator follow the directions given in this manual ctaciJy as written.

A flexible fabric lube containing powder thai is used to start fires at some re- mote location.

Some means of extinguishing afire should be at hand, a fire extinguisher or sand. On a pound for pound tasis. Its purpose is 10 set fire to wooden structures and other combustible targets. Fires may be started quickly and have reasonable dunce of success if the following few ample principles are observed 1.


The initiator is so sensitive that it can be set off with linle energy. In any case, both ihe metal and chemical ingredients should be no: Millions of dollars in damage has been caused againsi fur-feed companies, slaughterhouses, department stores and fur shops, fast-food restaurants and transport trucks belonging to animal abuse industries When incendiaries are used in an action, the activist must make absolutely sure that no animals, human or otherwise will be inadvertently injured or killed.

North America and worldwide. Some of the erms have additional meanings in the related Field of explosives. Aluminum filings, powder or flakes, or magnesium Tilings or pow- der, plus any one of the following chemicals potassium nilraie. Since it burns with a bncf. The powder in the fuse bums and provides a lime delay. TAPE 13 used in painis, is excellent. Although aluminum and magnesium arc equally effective, thcrmatc made from magnesium is easier to ignite Flake aluminum, which is the cxtrcmclv fine vanctv a?

There siiouJd be no difficult ‘ in ob- taining any of them. They have been worked oui care- fully to give the de- sired results with the minimum chance of mishap Doi’l experi- ment with different procedures or quanti- ties.

Arson-Around with Auntie ALF

Protect the fire arsoj discovery during the first few minutes by good conceal- ment 3rd timing. The outbreak of fire in combustible material that occurs without an application of direct spark or flame.

Common terms used in connection with inccndiairy systems are defined below. Chemicals or mixtures should be kept tightly scaled in jars or cans to protect them from moisture. Art mat Liberation Frortlina www.

Against Prisons – Catherine Baker

Empty toilet-roll, iron wire, plastic-wrap, matches, wire garbage tics, firelighters, incense, tape. A short time delay in ignition can be ob- tained by combining a cigarette delay and one of the igniter mixtures listed earlier For example, several spoonfuls of Sugar-Chlorate mixture arc placed on the wlf ary brick. ALF activists make sure that all adson or vehicles are free of creatures before lighting a single match On more than one occasion actions that have taken months to plan and coordinate have been called off in ihe middle of execution when a night watchman or other person’s life might inadvertently be endangered Arson is not a tool to take lightly, and carries very stiff penalties if activists get caught The assumption that evidence is destroyed by fire is incorrect Fire Investigation units will turn up if the origins of a tire if it appears suspicious They possess a large degree of skill and are able to detenninc ihe flashpoint of a fire and what caused it electrical fault, cigarette, candle, spontaneous combustion, deliberate arson, etc They can also tell the flammable substance which was used to start the fire gasoline, paraffin, paper, etc Activists know to TFLI.


Use drafts to spread the fire rapidly – near stairways, elevator shafts. See that there is plenty of air and fuel to feed the fire. A face shield ason fireproof glirves are recommended. It is set aflame by the initiator and produces sufficient heal at high temperature to ignite the main incendiary Igniters are fast burning and relatively short I ived d Incendufy Wiith A material that burns with a hot flame for long periods.

The sys- tem consists of initiator, delay mechanism if neededigniter, and aruond material. When painted, the incendiary brick can be carried with normal construction materials and placed in or on combustible materials.

Cm off sevoal long lengths of iron wire A pieces for each device snd twist them logcther like this’ 10c itV 4 Inches leaving 2 ends untw isted Secure the toilet lube within ihc open wires md continue 10 mist the loose ends together, light Secure the wire in place near the top of the toilet lube wilh some tape, keeping it in place The wire ends must be at least I Ocm long M 7.

Take 3 sticks of incense, and wire the wood stems together using a ire garbage lies. Arson is not always used by the ALF in the course of an action, but when it is, it can be devastaiingly effective. The source that provides the first fire in an incendiary system. Required arc bcttics, jars, pots, and spoons. Extreme care thould be e. Use an incendiary that supplies a prolonged and persistent beat.

It Is important to keep face, hands, and slothing at a rea- sonably safe distance during the remainder of the preparation. Good incendiaries can be improvised more easily than explosives and the materials are more easily obtained.

Iii preparing improvised incendiaries observe basic rules of safety.