Argox ASURG Barcode Scanner: : Office Products. Argox AS USB. Handheld Barcode scanner. Manufacturer: Argox. Short description: The sleek new AS is the ideal scanner for retail applications. AS 10 ~ 45 mm. 7 ~ 60 mm. Up to mm. Up to mm. Up to mm The sleek new AS is the ideal scanner for Argox Information Co., Ltd.

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Interface Selection This decoder built-in scanner comes in three models and supports interfaces such as keyboard wedge, RS serial, and Prefix Data Digits Suffix Suffix The checksum is presented as the sum module Its light-weight, easy-to-handle form factor makes scanning a breeze.

Current – sleep mode.

Argox AS-8000 User Guide

Interleaved 2 of 5 Read: Indication Power on alert: They are appended to the data automatically when each barcode is decoded.

Programming the ArgoScan Series Scanner To program the series scanner, you must scan a series of programming barcode The AS reads all commonly used barcode symbologies from contact up to a distance of mm.

Keyboard wedge Caps Lock: Available in black or gray to match most retail systems, the AS offers easy plug and play installation. Standard 2 of 5 Read: Class 2; 5VDC mA.



Matrix 2 of 5 Eur Read: The checksum is presented as the sum module 10 or Industrial 2 of 5 Read: Manual reading special barcode. When the function is enabled, it won’t show the data immediately if scanner read the barcode includes FNC The checksum of Code The checksum is made as the By setting Enable, Preamble will be appended before the data transmitted.

Global Minimum and Maximum length can be set to qualify data entry. By setting Enable, Postamble Auto discriminates all standard one dimension barcodes; including GS1 databar.

Transmission Code ID transmission: Operation is intuitive, no warm up or waiting: Depth of scan field.

Keyboard wedge Keyboard Layout: Default setting For each barcode shown as below: String setting Prefix characters: Cable – universal type. The sleek new AS is the ideal scanner for retail applications. Firmware version list If you wish to display the firmware version, scan the Firmware version list. Features Light Weight, Ergonomic Design Gerneral Purpose reader – a single device covering the broadest range of application Durable – without any moving parts to wear out scans per second and working range from contact to mm on medium density barcodes Excellent Scanning Performance starting at 0.


Argox AS – Barcode scanners – – Argox AS

Code type selection, check digit selection decoding option transmitted character delay, header selection, trailer selection, message suffix, good read beep tone and volume, argo trigger selection keyboard emulation type intermessage delay, keyboard type and keyboard language.

The checksum is made as the sum module The checksum of EAN is optional and The Supplement digits barcode is the supplemental 2 or 5 characters for WPC code.

Designed by Fix Project Solutions. Operation shall be subject to the following two conditions Argox makes no warranties, expressed or implied in this summary.

The checksum of EAN is optional and made as Parameter Setting List Program Barcode standard parameter setting list If you wish to display the current configuration of your AS Simply aim and pull arggox trigger.