The Super Harvard Architecture Single-Chip Computer (SHARC) is a high performance floating-point and fixed-point DSP from Analog Devices. SHARC is used. Check out the SHARC Processor page at Sweetwater — the world’s leading The Analog Devices Super Harvard Architecture Single-Chip. The SHARC Processor portfolio currently consists of three generations of products SIMD architecture with integrated application-specific system peripherals.

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There are two delay slots.

In addition, an abundance of circular buffers greatly simplifies DSP code generation- both for the archotecture programmer as well as high-level language compilers, shadc as C. The original design dates to about January Digital signal processors Microprocessors Very long instruction word computing.

Second generation products contain dual multipliers, ALUs, shifters, and data register files – significantly increasing overall system performance in a variety of applications. How to order your own hardcover copy Wouldn’t you rather have a bound book instead of loose pages? Elementary binary operations are carried out by the barrel shifter, such as shifting, rotating, extracting and depositing segments, and so on.

After a jump, two instructions following the jump will normally be executed. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Super Harvard Architecture Single-Chip Computer – Wikipedia

However, on additional executions of the loop, the program instructions can be pulled from architecturr instruction cache. Architecrure a shows how this seemingly simple task is done in a traditional microprocessor. Now let’s look inside the CPU. The Von Neumann design is quite satisfactory when you are content to execute all of the required tasks in serial. In fact, most computers today are of the Von Procexsor design.

Up to 6 levels may be used, avoiding the need for normal branching instructions and the normal bookkeeping related to loop exit. A DMA engine is provided for this. This low power capability makes the ADSPx processors suitable for architecturd audio and industrial control segments where low power is a requirement.

Not to be confused with SuperH. The math processing is broken into three sections, a multiplieran arithmetic logic unit ALUand a barrel shifter. Analog Devices’ SHARC processor family targets applications ranging from consumer, automotive, and professional audio, to industrial, test and measurement, and medical equipment. Program Language Execution Speed: First, let’s look at how the instruction cache improves the performance of the Harvard architecture.


This memory can only be configured for one single size. The Digital Signal Processor Market SHARC instructions may contain a bit immediate operand. In a single clock cycle, data from registers procdssor be passed to shard multiplier, data from registers can be passed to the ALU, and the two results returned to any of the 16 registers. Now we come to the critical performance of the architecture, how many of the operations within the loop steps of Table can be carried out at the same time.

The SHARC’s programmable SRU Signal Routing Unit is an architectural feature that enables flexible routing of peripherals, enabling peripheral blocks to be connected to each other or to external peripherals. Since the buses operate independently, program instructions and data can be fetched at the same time, improving the speed over the single bus design.

The multiplier takes the values from two registers, multiplies them, and places the result into another register.

The special bit register may be accessed as a pair of smaller registers, allowing movement to and from the normal registers. Operating systems may use overlays to work around this problem, transferring bit data to on-chip memory as needed for execution. Retrieved from ” https: A handicap of the basic Harvard design is that the data memory bus is busier than the program memory bus.

As an example, suppose you write an efficient FIR filter program using coefficients. The Super Harvard architecture takes advantage of this situation by including an instruction cache in the CPU.

This results in slower operation because of the conflict with the coefficients that must also be fetched along this path. If it was new and exciting, Von Neumann was there!

Views Read Edit View history. These control the addresses sent procesor the program and data memories, specifying where the information is to be read from or written to.


This is a small memory that contains about 32 of the most recent program instructions. When the interrupt routine is completed, the registers are just as quickly restored. Some DSPs have on-board analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog converters, a feature called mixed signal. Filter Comparison Match 1: This is often called a Von Neumann architectureafter the brilliant American mathematician John Von Neumann There are also many important features of the SHARC family architecture that aren’t shown in this simplified illustration.

The SHARC is a Harvard architecture word-addressed VLIW processor; it knows nothing of 8-bit or bit values architetcure each address is used to point to a whole bit word, not just an octet. There will be extra clock cycles associated with beginning and ending the loop steps 3, 4, 5 and 13, plus moving initial values into place ; however, these tasks are also handled very efficiently.

SHARC Processor Architectural Overview

To do this, we must fetch three binary values from memory, the numbers to be multiplied, plus the program instruction describing what to do. The idea is to build upon the Harvard architecture by adding features to improve the throughput. The first time through a loop, the program instructions must be passed over the program memory bus. This article relies too much on references to primary sources.

Super Harvard Architecture Single-Chip Computer

This capability is especially relevant in consumer, automotive, and professional audio where the algorithms related to stereo channel processing can effectively utilize shqrc SIMD architecture. When an interrupt occurs in traditional microprocessors, all the internal data must be saved before the interrupt can be handled.

SHARC processors are or were used because they have offered good floating-point performance per watt.