When present, the arc of Riolan is an important connection between the SMA and IMA in the setting of arterial occlusion or significant stenosis. In proximal SMA. embryologic development of the mesenteric structures and their blood . collaterals include the arch of Bühler and gastroduodenal arcade. SMA to inferior mesenteric artery (IMA) collaterals include the arc of Riolan and the marginal artery of. The marginal artery of Drummond is the major collateral arcade between the SMA and IMA, is Differentiation of the Arc of Riolan from the Marginal artery of.

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Detailed information regarding vascular, bowel and their relations with one another can be obtained, hence, CTA compared with DSA shows the equal or very similar diagnostic value [ 1314 ]. Accompanying of sciatic nerve Cruciate anastomosis. The 47 cases with ARE and 47 patients without expansion were involved. Support Center Support Center. Int J Clin Exp Med. About Blog Go ad-free.

Thank you for updating your details. Second, celiac and mesenteric artery variation situation did not be considered in our paper. The marginal artery not labeled connects the middle colic artery a branch of the SMA to the left colic artery a branch of the IMA. Table 2 Comparison of arc of Riolan diameter between the upward group, the bi-directional group, and the downward group mm.

Case 2 Case 2. Internal iliac Posterior surface Iliolumbar Lumbar branch Iliac branch.

Lumbar branch Iliac branch. Doppler US of superior mesenteric artery in the assessment of ulcerative colitis. Therefore, in our study, CT examination schemes adopt supine and scan on an empty stomach, and assumed that arc of Riolan blood flow was only decided by the arterial pressure difference. As a result, 47 subjects consisted of 27 males and 20 females age range years, mean 50 years were selected into the control group.


A literature survey of the connection s between the superior and inferior mesenteric arteries. Dolichoectasia of the intracranial arteries. Celiac Left gastric Esophageal branches. DSA angiogram – Arc of Riolan. Curr Treat Options Cardiovasc Med. Thus limitations are inevitably showed in this study. A previous research [ 21 ] suggested that congenital superior-inferior mesenteric arterial variation or arc of Riolan was due to occlusion of proximal superior mesenteric artery.

Upward group bi-directional or downward group Cases n 25 22 Diameter range 6. Edit article Share article View revision history.

Arc of Riolan | Radiology Reference Article |

P values less than 0. Comparison of arc of Riolan diameter between the upward group, the bi-directional group, and the downward group mm. Three-dimensional vascular anatomy relevant to arcaed resection of right colon cancer.

For continuous data, average diameter and range min-max values were used for descriptive statistics, respectively. Referred to mesenteric artery expansion and cerebral artery expansion were described by CTA or DSA [ 89 ], criterion on arc of Riolan expansion: Box figure shows the diameter of arc of Riolan on account of following different diseases. Anatomical terminology [ edit on Wikidata ]. The gross success rate of Mesenteric artery CT angiography with bolus triggered technique was Embryology, anatomy, and surgical exposure of the great abdominal vessels.


Due to the different course, intestinal mucosa enhancement and bowel dilation were different accordingly. The upward group was significantly different from the other two groups.

Conversely, bowel wall thickening, contrast enhancement, intestinal obstruction ,marginal artery expansion, lymph node enlargement were not seen in most IMA obstruction, whereas showed commonly in advanced sigmoid colon cancer and active UC respectively, with no difference between the two groups.

Radiol Clin North Am. Statistical processing For continuous data, average diameter and range min-max values were used for descriptive statistics, respectively. Assessment of aortic pathology and peripheral arterial disease using multidetector computed tomographic angiography. Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer. Relevant pathological changes are induced by Escherichia coli infection, leading to intestinal wall hyperaemia, vascular expansion, higher blood flow, and lower vascular resistance.

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Marginal artery of the colon

The major riolsn manifestations include: When the inferior mesenteric artery cannot fulfill the needs of the tumor growth, the collateral circulation will be activated, supplying blood together by Arc of Riolan and Drummond marginal artery. A Kolmogorov-Smirnov test was used to assess normal distribution.

This artery is almost always present and its absence should be considered a variant. Arterial phase scan delay was established with the automatic bolus tracking technique.