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Deploy the Public Affairs Officer to brief news media representatives. Level 1 high risk personnel have such a significantly high potential as terrorist or criminal targets as to warrant assignment of full-time protective services. Full-time protective services will be provided until the Level 1 high risk person permanently departs the geographical area or the Level 1 high risk designation is removed.

Use of non-Government issued weapons for protective service missions will be determined by the applicable MACOM commander responsible for the mission.

The basic weapon for full-time protective service personnel is the 9 millimeter mm or caliber cal. The calculated use of violence or the threat of violence to attain political, religious, or ideological goals. Agree to arrange a meeting with media personnel if the abductor insists and if the meeting may cause the abductor to yield the hostages and surrender.

Negotiations A dialogue between authorities and offenders which has as the ultimate goal the safe release of hostages and surrender of the offenders. Personnel will be fully trained and qualified quarterly with all the weapons they carry.


Proponent and exception authority. Kidnapping, extortion, bombings, ambushes, arson, assassination, and hostage taking. Memorandums of Agreement or other documentation outlining mutually agreed upon procedures and actions will be maintained with the agency providing the SRT.


MACOM commanders assigned the responsibility for designated geographical areas will provide for the personal safety and security of personnel assigned to or traveling within these areas.

Deputy Chief of Staff for Personnel.

However, execution of full-time protective service missions may require use of special equipment and materials. Principal The individual for whom protection is provided. MACOM commanders assigned the responsibility for designated geographical areas will provide for the personal. A unit or activity of one Government agency, military department, or command that occupies facilities on an installation of another military department or command and that receives supplies or other support services from that installation.

Contingency planning will include coordination with applicable Federal, State, local, and host country officials outlining movement, security, negotiator, and jurisdictional responsibilities on the installation and in the event of a mobile hostage situation moving off the installation.

Hostage negotiation teams must be afforded adequate time to conduct training and will be tested at least semiannually using varied scenarios in day and night operations. 190-558 include the following acts, threats, or attempted acts which have the potential for widespread publicity and which require special response, tactics, and management:.

The SRT may be from installation resources; nearby U.

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The Army Terrorism Counteraction Program. Total Army Personnel Command. Required and related publications and prescribed and referenced forms are listed in appendix A.

Vehicles should be similar to those available on the local economy in order to blend with the local environment; however, they will not exceed the class II designation for a compact sedan unless approval for a larger class vehicle has been granted by the Secretary of the Army in accordance with AR 58—1. Evaluation results will be maintained on file for 1 year. Keep the situation confined and contained, and.


They will be periodically tested under varied scenarios, qualify quarterly with their assigned weapons, and receive advanced first-aid training to include cardiovascular pulmonary resuscitation CPR qualification. Negotiators, when pressured, will indicate that this decision is beyond local authorities to decide.

All equipment will be accounted for in accordance with AR —2. Users are invited to send comments and suggested improvements on DA Form Recommended.

Altered, marred, or defaced credentials will be recovered anddestroyed. References, page 10 Glossary ii Chapter 1 Introduction 1—1.

AR Personal Security

Summon required assistance and establish a location for the command post. Assign an individual to communicate and negotiate with the abductor and make certain the abductor knows with.

Full-time protective services will be provided only for personnel designated as Level 1 high risk by the MACOM commander exercising the geographical area of responsibility, or as directed by higher authority.

They must also be screened and cleared in accordance with paragraph 3—1 a. Major weapon or other threats.