Fulltext – Factors Contributing to Critically Endangered Status of Aquilegia nivalis Falc ex Jackson- an Alpine Endemic Angiosperm in the Kashmir Himalaya. Aquilegia nivalis Falc. ex Baker Accepted Name . During our study of the high altitude threatened alpine plant species Aquilegia nivalis Falc. ex Ba May PDF | During our study of the high altitude threatened alpine plant species Aquilegia nivalis Falc. ex Baker and Doronicum falconeri Cl. ex Hk. f. of the north- west.

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Primula tanneri ssp nepalensis, yellow, 50 cm.

Aquilegia nivalis – efloraofindia

My team easily located this at Vishensar and near Mt. I think this probably is A.

On the day of anthesis. Russ Mittermeier on JoTT. Observation specific search options Observed during. Recovery and restoration measures are desirable in earnest for this species and may include, besides protecting existing sites and managing habitat conditions to promote large population sizes, measures to multiply the individual from its robust rhizome which does not happen in nature but appears a possibility as the plant produces more off shoots not separate individuals in resource-rich habitats from the same rhizome.

The transferred pollen quantum in Aquilegia nivalis is much diluted as the insect species forages on other species more preferentially than flowers of this species. Representative floral visitors were trapped, anaesthetized with NaCN and scrutinized for pollen load on their body parts. Due to small size of its mivalis, very few 0.

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The number of deposited pollen grains as well as the percentage of germinated pollens starts increasing thereafter. By using aniline blue in lactophenol Hauser and Morison,the percentage of stained pollen in random but non-overlapping microscopic fields three replicates zquilegia each staining treatment was determined Bernardello et al. The individuals of Bumbus sp. The breeding experiments established that this species exhibits a facultative xenogamous breeding system.

To record the initiation and awuilegia of receptivity, stigmas at different developmental stages were fixed in FAA formaldehyde: This is indicated explicitly in each publication. No seeds were formed either under apomictic or autogamous conditions Fig.

Jacks is a rare species in alpine zones of Uttarakhand Himalaya and listed as a threatened species in India. Remember me Forgot password?

India Biodiversity Portal

Flower-to-seedling consequences of different pollination regimes in an insect-pollinated shrub. Encyclopedia of Life EOL. A comparative study of trait variation in 20 congeneric pairs. Fresh pollen collected from Apharwat, Khillanmarg and Thajwas populations were checked for their viability and longevity of viability.

Beautiful uploads I think you have very good flower repository of flowers The plant may be Aquilegia nivalis. From the perusal of demographic details Fig. The interplay of herbivory and pollination.

Floral biology, pollination, pistil receptivity and pollen tube growth of teak Tectona grandis L. Dianthis pulmarius var lumnizerii. Are ‘mating systems’ ‘breeding systems’ of inconsistent and confusing terminology in plant reproductive biology?


Such situation again leads to pollen limitation, which is further complicated as a result of low pollen viability in this species, established by the viability and in vitro germination tests. Assessing conservation priorities in megadiverse Mexico: Pulsatilla alpina apiifolia low form. Press, Cambridge, UK, pp: The values for flower number depict that it was highest 1. The reproductive biology of Sophora fernandeziana Leguminaceaea vulnerable endemic species from Isla robinson Crusoe.

In fact, pressures on them during that period have actually reduced. Species specific search options Taxon Hierarchy. The pollinator visitation is affected aquilsgia the density of the reproductive individuals and, hence, by the abundance of flowers and floral reward.

The hermaphrodite flowers in Aquilegia nivalis are showy, nectariferous and large. Primula alpicola violacea OUT. The flowers of this species have many anthers and many ovules in nivaliz polycarpellary apocarpus ovary. Search in all groups Search within this group.

The overall growing season is short, although, it varies by a few days in the studied populations. Chronology of various phenophases in Aquilegia nivalis based on 10 tagged individuals in each population studied in the Kashmir Himalaya.