AQUALISA QUARTZ CASE SUMMARY Course: Strategic Marketing Management Student Name: Firat Sekerli The Problem: The managing director of Aqualisa. Fontaine, Chris Henshaw, Vanessa Landry, and Scott Watson Aqualisa Quartz Marketing Mix – Product, Place, Promotion, and Price March 11, Statement . Case Analysis – Aqualisa Quartz by amitbharadwaj7.

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Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. Consumers in vale section were chiefly concerned with convenience and monetary value and they liked to avoid solutions that required any digging.

Aqualisa presently has three trade names: They have non developed nucleus engineerings in showers yet.

How about receiving a customized one? The discussion below briefly emphasises on the strategy used by Honda to gain entry into the US motorcycle market.

Case study of aqualisa quartz shower Essay

In addition to this, plumbers also work for developers, showrooms, contractors or directly for consumers. This paper will exemplify the recommended solutions for the direction of the company that are xase to measure the competitory tendencies of the market for the mentioned merchandises, and seeking to get down new schemes to cover with these tendencies.

Once plumbers are convinced and informed about the benefits of the new product like ease of installation, they will become a source of word of mouth cwse push showrooms to call attention to Quartz by emphasizing the low cost of installation. This will also help build brand awareness, so the company can also target those types of consumers which will eventually lead more and more word of mouth.


Aqualisa Quartz Harvard Case Solution & Analysis by TheCaseSolutions .com on Prezi

Based on these factor. Objectives of the Study This study seeks the following objectives: The managing director of Aqualisa, Harry Rawlinson, launched a new shower that is called Quartz. Alex took the control in in order cxse implement a process of modernization of the company. Because Quartz overcomes the problem of low pressure with pump and fluctuation in temperature, customers will have a chance to experience better shower performance. Strategic Marketing Management Student Name: Plumbers are able to shorten the installing clip from 2 yearss to half-day.

Some of the reasons are related to distribution channel, promotional strategy and positioning of the product. Describe the competitory state of affairs. It will soon release an automotive suspension system that unlike anything else on the market. Dominant in electric showers and it is the lone company in the market established trade name consciousness at the consumer degree.

Sorry, but copying text quarrtz forbidden on this website. Secondly, showrooms also offer installation services by subcontracting with contractors or independent plumbers. Check it out goo. Click here to sign up. Finance and accounting, as mentioned by Ambler are the necessities and footing to In this paper I will describe the legal, cultural, and ethical challenges that may confront Merrill Lynch in this case study as well as the various roles that the Japanese government will play and examine some of the strategic and operational challenges that faced the global managers Hill, Is Quartz a niche merchandise or a mainstream merchandise?


Second, the Japanese were great competitors and took advantage Of the market opportunities in Canada. The installing is straightforward that pipe fitters could even direct their immature learners to finish full occupation. Sales will automatically be increasing by getting plumbers to select Quartz for this consumer segment.

Shortages of Harleys lead many consumers to purchase competitive bikes as there are 2-year waiting lists for some Harley models. Plumbers wanted a shower that was easy to put in.

Inhe opened the American Honda Motor Company, so he could fulfil his dream of building a high performance motorcycle and marketing it globally. Gainsborough and ShowerMax are designed and branded for specific markets. The conventional shower can no longer fulfill the market demand. Company had longstanding direct relationship with a group of pipe fitters.