Escala APGAR-familiar en adolescentes de Lima. Received: Approved : Scale of family functioning, developed by Smilkstein (). Various efforts. The Family APGAR could be administered and scored by nonprofessionals. et al., ; Dr. Gabriel Smilkstein, personal communication, July 22, ). The family APGAR scale was developed by Smilkstein, Ashworth, and Montano There is a statistically significant relationship between the family APGAR and the . Funcionalidade familiar e qualidade de vida dos idosos [Family functionality.

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Family APGAR proposes an evaluation of family functionality that is independent of the stage of life of the members of this same family. Thus, family physicians should avoid blindly attempting to change family dynamics.

User Username Password Remember me. We are releasing these results because of their importance; however, we do intend to perform follow-up studies to further validate them. Family dysfunction excessive or impoverished Adaptability or Cohesion was not related to the presence of family issues. The study of the physical smikstein psychological health of the elderly is considered an area of primary care.

If you do, please tell us about them. Santos and Pavariniin a study on family functionality with elderly members with cognitive alterations in different contexts of social vulnerability, confirm that the Family APGAR score proved to be faimliar efficient tool to assess the family functionality among the elderly.

We can observe that the majority of the elderly in the sample had at smillstein one chronic disease In the analysis of criterion validity, there was the calculation of the correlation between the Family APGAR scores and the scores achieved in the instrument designed to evaluate the defining characteristics of the nursing diagnose “Discontinued fakiliar processes”.

In other words, moderate levels of Adaptability and Cohesion are optimal, but too much or too little is dysfunctional under normal circumstances.

Analysis of psychometric properties of family APGAR with elderly in northeast Brazil

We note several limitations to our study. Nevertheless, zmilkstein test remains xpgar and perhaps blindly utilized. Thus, we propose specialised psychological support for this age group which is more vulnerable and without the needed support from within the family.


The aim of the research was to analyze the psychometric properties of Family APGAR, in a sample of elders in the municipality of Fortaleza, Smolkstein. The results demonstrated a Cronbach’s alpha value of 0. The average age in our sample was Furthermore, family issues did not always occur in the presence of family dysfunction excessive or impoverished Cohesion and Adaptability.

Likewise, this will also provide a higher level of safety regarding the professional interventions aimed to the families, based on the information gathered with this instrument.

The validity of the criterion showed a coefficient of correlation of 0. The questionnaire used consisted of three groups of questions. I am satisfied with the way my family demonstrates affection and reacts to my emotions, such as anger, regret or love. It is generally believed that family issues occur in response to family dysfunction i. This is an Open Access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial License which permits unrestricted non-commercial use, distribution, and reproduction in any smllkstein, provided the original work is properly cited.

Family functioning perceived by patients and their family members in three diagnostic and statistical manual-IV diagnostic groups. We explained the contents of the study and enrolled patients who agreed to participate.

Therefore, with this specific public there was the confirmation that the instrument must be used only for screening, to estimate family functionality, as it does not allow a complete evaluation of the construct. Investigations that proposed a smilksteij analysis of the qualitative measurement instruments are important, once their reliability and validation are essential aspects to estimate the scientific quality of standardized instruments 13 For this reason, many physicians silkstein to hold family conferences, which require considerable time and skill.

We then analyzed relationships between the questionnaires and family issues measures using Chi square, Mann—Whitney U, and logistic regression analyses.

Assessment of Family Functionality Among the Elderly With Chronic Illness

Among elderly patients over 85 years old, the majority classified their family functionality as mildly dysfunctional As such, the second objective was to confirm the correlations between family dysfunction and family issues, and to identify the particularly important aspects of family function by investigating the correlations between FACESKG IV scores and the family issues measured.


When they were asked about the quality of the relationship with their relatives, In the present study, Because the Family APGAR consists of only five questions, it is relatively easy and quick to administer; this has made it the preferred choice for evaluating family function in primary care and general medicine settings.

It is known that the institution called family is suffering from meaningful changes in its structure and organization for years. In order to do so, the Pearson’s r correlation coefficient was used. Before the application of assessment tools, the objectives, procedures and instruments used were defined, as were the potential benefits, risks and discomforts. Takenaka is the corresponding author. Further study will be required to confirm whether the results generalize across cultures.

To analyze the validity of the construct, there was an exploratory factorial analysis, using the technique of analysis of main components, with the orthogonal Varimax rotation. The value of Cronbach’s alpha had a different result when one of the items was suppressed, varying from 0. We found no statistical significance between the family APGAR and gender, age, marital status and educational level. Next, we analyzed the relationships between each item of the Family APGAR and the family issues measure by utilizing a Chi square test.

Circumplex model of marital and family systems: Therefore, we wanted to identify the particularly effective questions for analyzing family dysfunction, thereby enabling the Family APGAR to be used in daily clinical practice more conveniently.

Family functioning and social support for older patients with depression in an urban area of Shanghai, China. The scores on the questionnaires were compared using correlation and multiple regression analyses. Email this article Login required.