Use the links below to download Apache Jackrabbit releases from one of our . Also see the Jackrabbit FileVault documentation for more. Jackrabbit is a complete, and fully compliant implementation of the Content documentation of the JCR API and Apache Jackrabbit releases. The exact format of this XML configuration file is defined in the following document type definition (DTD) files published by the Apache Jackrabbit project.

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Versioning configuration The version histories of all versionable nodes are stored documentaton a repository-wide version store configured in the Versioning element of the repository configuration. A persistence manager should not be intelligent, i. See the Clustering page on the Jackrabbit wiki.

You can then use the createWorkspace String method to create new workspaces. Bean configuration elements Most of the entries in the configuration file are odcumentation on the following generic JavaBean configuration pattern. The Mackrabbit Manager is one of the most important parts of the configuration, because it actually takes care of storing the nodes and properties. A persistence manager PM is an internal Jackrabbit component that handles the persistent storage of content nodes and properties.

Some Jackrabbit components contain external code with licenses that meet Apache licensing policies.

Apache Jackrabbit – Building Jackrabbit

The main difference between versioning and workspace configuration is that no search index is specified for the version store as version histories are indexed and documentahion using the repository-wide search index.


In addition to a hierarchically structured storage, common services of a content repository are versioning, access control, full text searching, and event monitoring.

You can also find the artifacts within the created target subdirectories of the component projects. Take a look at the Frequently Asked Questions or browse the archives of the user and development mailing lists see also the searchable archives at The Mail Archive, Gmane, and Nabble for answers to questions not covered by the documentation pages.

See the Search page on the Jackrabbit wiki. See the Jackrabbit 1. Item state locking configuration TODO.

Apache Jackrabbit – Documentation

A default workspace configuration template is also included in the repository configuration file. Use the links below to download Apache Jackrabbit releases from one of our mirrors. Applications written against Documetation 2 of JSR include management applications or generally speaking any application that generates data, information or content for both structured and unstructured information. First download the KEYS file as well as the. The default SimpleLoginModule class included in Jackrabbit implements a trivially simple authentication mechanism that accepts any username and any password as valid authentication credentials.

Jackrabbit Configuration

Repository configuration The repository configuration file, typically called repository. If JAAS authentication is not available or as is often the case too complex to set up, Jackrabbit allows you to specify a repository-specific JAAS LoginModule that is then used for authenticating repository users.

Can I use a persistence manager to access an existing data source? File systems are used in Jackrabbit both as sub-components of the persistence managers and for general storage needs for example to store the full text indexes. Jackrabbit will automatically fill in the repository home directory with all the required files and subdirectories when the repository is first instantiated.

  ISO 7816-5 PDF

Point your browser to http: Ease of Adoption, Covering many usecases The Scope of Level 1 of JSR to cover a large number of simple Applications, apavhe need to search repositories and need to read from repositories. Reliability, integrity and performance of the PM are crucial to the overall stability and performance of the repository.

How do I delete a workspace in Jackrabbit? File system configuration Early versions on Jackrabbit were designed to abstract their persistence mechanism using a virtual file system layer defined in the FileSystem interface. The top-level structure of the repository configuration file is shown below.

How do I deploy Jackrabbit into Tomcat?

For each workspace that was vocumentation, there will also be a workspace. The repository configuration also contains a default workspace configuration template that is used to create the workspace. Can I use the Lucene field syntax in jcr: On top of Level 1 or Level 2 a number of functional block serve for more advanced repository functionality.

How do I create new workspaces in Jackrabbit? Note also that you need to restart the repository instance to access the new workspace.