Bandwidth Manager software manual covers topics from network configuration and sharing Internet connection to instructions and explaination how to create. Antamedia Bandwidth Manager is a Windows PC gateway software which helps you control and limit Internet usage, including download and upload rate. access is allowed and set to logout after inactivity. Software includes statistics and reporting with many useful features. Antamedia Bandwidth Manager Manual.

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Remote database login allow multiple HotSpots to connect to one database server and share all accounts.

How to create employee account: Pricing plans page allows creation of packages you will offer to your customers. Server control has higher priority over autologin and account option. Inactivity timeout antxmedia can be used to automatically disconnect a user from the Internet after specified time of inactivity.

Press Save button Use Remove button to delete selected employee account. In case of unlimited time accounts, time left field will be represented as ‘ If you have a license with credit card processing option, these plans will be available to customer for automated order.

Antamedia Bandwidth Manager

Managed panel shows the most important details of connected computers: Inactivity is optional for every account and default number of seconds can be specified in HotSpot – Network page. Antamedia HotSpot software have ability to track and block unwanted web sites. How to create a Bandwidth Manager User? For highest security, you can enable third option. When customer walks in, you can simply sell paper ticket which contains username, password, time and bandwidth available.


Upload speed is represented in: Bandwidth quota is specified by pricing plan 4. All client computers in the network will access to the Internet. To set Administrator password: This software is suitable for all purposes where customers should get fast login to system without Managdr software installations. Otherwise you might experience login problems. There are two kind of passwords used to access Antamedia HotSpot software.

Knowledgebase : Manuals

This server have to be outside of local network which is controlled by Antamedia HotSpot. From field on left side select network connection used fo You can see a list of bills with date and time of charge, account username, subtotal tax mamual total amount charged. What is Antamedia Bandwidth Manager? This option gives you ability to specify web sites which can be accessed by customers without authentification.

Set account expiration in days 6. MAC address is a unique identifier attached to most forms of networking equipment. If You get the message ‘Error: Web sites will babdwidth automatically blocked if specified keywords appear in url address.


How to create a Bandwidth Manager User ?

Please follow these steps to obtain certificate file: Bandwidth Manager helps you control download and upload rate for every computer in your network. Antamedia software can be set on any Windows OS.

When daily limit exceed, computer will be logged out automatically. If customer login to your HotSpot from Receipt setup allows customization how the receipt will look like when it is printed out. HotSpot Manyal is taking care of time calculations for you.

Internet Caffe Server control.

Account details page contains most important account properties and offers time top-up and bandwidth settings. Determine whether you want to print a receipt by checking ‘Print bulk accounts 3×7 on one sheet ‘ option What is Antamedia HotSpot Software? From the main panel you can choose one of the options: Choose location on your hard drive where it should be stored.

To import previously made backup of Database folder into fresh installation first mannager Bandwidth Manager software.