ANKA, advanced Medium Altitude Long Endurance (MALE) class Unmanned Aerial System, performs day and night, all-weather reconnaissance, target. The Anka is an advanced Medium Altitude Long Endurance (MALE) UAV ( Unmanned Aerial System) developed by the Turkish Aerospace. Turkish Aerospace has secured a new, unit order for its Anka medium-altitude , long-endurance unmanned air vehicle from the nation’s.

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Made up of around 7, parts, units and 74 groups of 2, cables measuring over 3. Able to cruise at a speed of kts, the Block-A can operate at a distance of up to km, using an existing Ku-band line-of-sight LoS ankka system developed locally by Savronik. The airframe crashed, however, while attempting to land on 3 December due to a technical failure.

Serial numbers and deployed on 25 March carried out more than sorties within a six month period, though the first of them experienced a crash landing on 9 October 9 the same year. Armed with a 3kg warhead, able to penetrate mm of armour, the CIRIT can be fired either from a Smart Launcher designed by Roketsan or from a standard pod, in twin or quad launcher configuration.

Satellite-controlled Anka-S UAV fires guided munitions

Each Smart Launcher weighs some 55kg in a 2-cell configuration and kg in a 4-cell, both figures including the munition. Various modifications have been performed on the air vehicle to save weight.


The accepted aircraft in Blok-B configuration features a winglet due to the requirement of an additional kg in payload and 24 hours of endurance. This feature does not carry through to serial production aircraft because, following comprehensive analysis, it was discovered that the performance improvement did not outweigh the weight penalty.

TAI Anka – Wikipedia

According to official sources, one Block-B system, consisting of three air vehicles, payloads and related ground segment systems, was leased by the SSM.

The CMXD weighs in at The Block-B can operate at a distance of up to km with line-of-sight LoS communications.

With a service ceiling of All three have a They can operate at distances of up to km, using LoS data-links. Payload volume for all is l, and payload capacity kilogrammes.

ANKA can be readied for flight by just three personnel in 45 minutes. Having achieved its maiden flight in Septemberthe first ANKA-S system consists of two air vehicles, FLIR payloads, a satellite communications satcom capability and related ground systems.

Turkey Orders 22 More Anka UAVs

SSM underlined anma fact that the ANKA-S would be used for reconnaissance and surveillance missions and that its satcom capability means that up to six aircraft can be controlled simultaneously via satellite: In anks to the satcom communication capability, it is equipped with a national IFF System Mode 4 and Mode Sindigenous flight and mission computers and a personnel locator system. The photographs show that ANKA-I is fitted with an air data probe on the nose, indicating that they were probably taken during initial flight testing.


The first flight of the latter, which can operate at up to 40,ft, onboard an ANKA-S uab expected to take place in mid I agree More Information.

The engine architecture of this latter turbo diesel was designed to achieve up to horsepower.

Turkey Orders 22 More Anka UAVs – UAS VISION

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