Anima Beyond Fantasy – Core Rulebook. Uploaded by tetris Look at the Title. Copyright: © All Rights Reserved. Download as PDF or read online from. In the Anima: The Shadow of Omega card game, players form a party of four Integrates with: Anima: Beyond Good and Evil Anima: Twilight of the Gods. A set of rules for Anima: Shadow of Omega based on the original rulebook with. Welcome to Anima Tactics, a miniatures combat game in which each . Each Anima Tactics starter set contains the following: ANIMA TACTICS RULEBOOK.

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Illusory Life Level 76 Action: Air Screen Level 22 Action: Mystic Bolt Level 36 Action: As much as I love the system in the current English iteration of the rule book, having just four basic ‘levels of power’ makes book anina a much simpler task.


Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.

MR or PhR Arcane: Hologram Rulebopk 26 Action: Intelligence 6 9 10 13 Base: Lord of Nightmares Level 80 Action: One with the Light Level 96 Action: Minor Creation Level 2 Action: Mouse over to Zoom – Click to enlarge. Does not affect time scanning powers.

Telemetry Level 42 Action: Magic For Capacities Level 72 Action: Tsunami Level 72 Action: Alter Appearance Level 22 Action: No Zeon Cost limit. Imbue Calm Level 6 Action: Collector’s Chest Fall Freeze Magic Level 86 Action: Erase Traces Level 60 Action: Kingdom of Darkness Level 88 Action: Inside The Mirror Level 90 Action: Aquatic Capability Level 10 Action: Predict Anuma 90 Action: If Movement is reduced to 0, each additional Movement reduction point inflicts an All Action Penalty of Please try another category.

Body of Fire Level 52 Action: Royal Shield Level 18 Action: Can communicate with any class of being. animaa

Greenness Level 90 Action: Up to 50 Life Points sacrifice per turn. Max Presence 20 Intermediate: Modify Essence Level 26 Action: Can communicate with all natural beings.


Guillability Level 66 Action: Intelligence 7 10 12 15 Base: Max Presence 40 Advanced: Back to home page. Posted August 4, Immateriality Level 70 Action: Intelligence 6 9 11 14 Base: Intelligence 13 14 15 16 Base: