This Pin was discovered by Christy Reed. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. 12 paires de nerfs crâniens Flashcards Preview. UE 5 – Anatomie > 12 paires de nerfs crâniens > Flashcards. Study These Flashcards. L’étude anatomique de la vascularisation de la IIIe paire démontre l’existence de la IIIe paire, associée ou non à l’atteinte d’autres nerfs crâniens, suggère un.

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Jugular foramen enlarged and petro-occipital fissure widened in case of neuroma originating from one of three nerves IX, X, XI. Di Chiro et al. R ecently we studied radiographically a paites presenting a syndrome of the cerebellopontine angle with a striking change in the pitch of the voice. Cerebral angiography may aid further in this differential diagnosis.

12 paires de nerfs crâniens Flashcards Preview

Bilateral enlargement of pars vascularis secondary to arteriovenous malformation of both cerebral hemispheres. Opacification of left mastoid and normal jugular foramina in patient with clinical but no surgical evidence of tumor of the glomus jugulare.

Neurology, Both crqniennes acoustic meatuses enlarged. A diagnosis of neuroma in the left jugular foramen was made by one of us GDCbut at operation an acoustic neuroma in the usual location was found.

Structures neighboring jugular foramen. This enlargement of the jugular foramen is secondary to a marked dilatation of the lateral sinus and jugular vein draining these malformations just as lesser variations in size of the normal jugular foramen are determined by differences in size of the lateral sinus. Chamberlain in the early thirties. Interpretation of the roentgenograms requires an awareness of the normal variations in the size, shape and symmetry of the jugular foramina.


The jugular craniennez foramen lacerum posterius actually is a canal that courses anteriorly, inferiorly and laterally from an endocranial to an exocranial opening Fig. Using this projection, however, perfectly comparable views of both foramina are difficult to obtain. Radiographic correlation of asymmetrical lateral sinuses in late venous phase of carotid angiography A and jugular foramina in submentovertex view B.

Aubaniac 3 Exocranial. Revilla 58 [Case 1]. Note striking sclerosis of mastoid on side of tumor in A. Though neither jugular foramen is visualized optimally by this method, a comparison of both foramina on the same film is made possible. Relation of jugular foramina to epileptic seizures and hydrocephalus. The previously reported asymmetry of the two foramina, with the right side usually predominating Fig.

Pathology of the jugular foramen is indicated radiographically by enlargement and erosion of its margins. Enlargement of the jugular foramen, on the other hand, is a very important finding and is observed in a high percentage of cases of tumors of the glomus jugulare when special projections are used Table 5.

Method of measurement of size of jugular foramen, a Width of pars nervosa; b width of pars vascularis; and c total length of jugular foramen.

Neurosciences/La moelle épinière — Wikilivres

In the presence of a syndrome of the cerebellopontine angle, the radiographic evidence of normal internal acoustic meatuses and pathologically enlarged and eroded jugular foramen makes the diagnosis of acoustic neuroma unlikely while suggesting one of the lesions that originate in the jugular foramen.

Neuromas of nerves IX, X and XI are recognized by a smooth, well-outlined enlargement of the jugular foramen involving predominantly the pars nervosa. This enlargement is particularly noticeable in the medial portion of the foramen and widening of the petro-occipital fissure may be seen even on the conventional submentovertex view Fig. Note preservation of jugular spine and normal size of pars nervosa in two tomograms at different levels.


Exocranial 80 42 7 Endocranial 70 39 26 5. Tumors of the glomus jugulare produce a characteristic irregular erosion of the margins of the foramen with decalcification of the surrounding bone Fig. Anatomical Considerations The jugular foramen foramen lacerum posterius actually is a canal that courses anteriorly, inferiorly and laterally from an endocranial to an exocranial opening Fig.

These two techniques were reported Davis, D. The latter fact was confirmed by anatkmie bilateral comparison of the size of the lateral sinuses on cerebral angiograms and size of the jugular foramina on submentovertex roentgenograms Fig.

Addendum Since this paper was submitted for publication it has come to our attention that two techniques for the demonstration of the jugular foramina one symmetrical bilateral and one oblique unilateral, both combined with stereoscopy were developed and used cranoennes W. Roentgenological Considerations A large number of special projections have been suggested, especially in the French and Italian literature, for the detailed study of the jugular foramen.

Frugoni, University of Padua, Italy. Dilatation of the internal jugular vein secondary to vascular malformation is reported for the first time as a cause of enlargement of the pars vascularis of the jugular foramen.