Amul is an Indian dairy brand originating from the state of Gujrat. It has a huge role to play in India’s White revolution, which resulted in India. Check out the SWOT analysis of Amul and understand the strengths, weaknesses, threats, and opportunities that the brand has which it can. SWOT AMUL. 1. SWOT Analysis On AMUL BUTTER S W O T; 2. STRENGTHS Creative advertising with Amul Baby print ads High brand.

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For the third consecutive year, it has posted a double digit growth turnover analysls Rs. In its Anand plant all products are processed computerized, which does not have any hand touch during any stage of process. Amul is an Indian dairy sqot originating from the state of Gujrat. The erratic power supply would cause harm in the Underdeveloped systems: Still Amul does come up with taglines of movies and current affairs. Amul Ice Cream 5. Efforts to exploit export potential are already on.

There are increasing incidents of chemical contaminants as well as Quality: It has developed an excellent distribution channel to provide its products to the consumers.

analyeis As a result, the demand for products such as butter and cheese is increasing at a very rapid rate. Strengths and opportunities are fundamental and weaknesses and threats are transitory. Control over supply chain with industry best practices makes Amul the market leader in dairy products in India.

Amul has a long-term finance project.

About Us — The Amul Model. Concepts Contests Marketing Mix. After analyzing the vision and mission of the company it is pretty sure that the company would strive to expand its distribution network, would involve its manpower in creative marketing, plan for consumer education and product innovation, would leverage effectively on rising levels, grow affluence among Indian consumers and would tap the rising demand for new value added products.

The local competition in the international markets as well as emerging competition in the local market from international brands is a threat to the operations of Amul. Rise in purchasing power of Indian people 4. The shelf life for most dairy products is limited which makes the company vulnerable to losses. Woes of bad roads and inadequate transportation. All division head in inform about their manpower requirements. As short term defines a period of a year or so, the solution should be found within a year for a proper success.


Given below are potential areas of value addition: They will be interested manufacturing the milk products, which yield high profits. In this case the factors are such that the earliest short term might not be the best decision to make, as the duration might not be sufficient to overcome all the issues with a clear outlay.

Because of this the end consumer would benefit and a good product mix would emerge. With the use of expansion strategy, it can overcome the location issue, as Amul can expand more areas and it will make the distribution of channel areas easier and convenient.

It is already providing the best employment option for displaced workers from urban manufacturing sector, who after losing their jobs due to recession, have started reverse migration from cities back to villages.

Quality management at micro level in procurement and with efficient distribution network, quality of AMUL stayed unchanged over the years which adds to customer trust. In these nations the milk is hands by the farmers owning anakysis cattle do milched with the help of machines, while in India.

State Bank of India 3.

AMUL Swot Analysis: Detailed Report for students and professionals

The reasons why the industry has huge potential for attracting new foreign investment are: The declining economic conditions all over the world can result in losses for Amul. GCMMF marketing strategy is to understand the consumer needs, develop products that provide superior value at fewer prices. One of the reasons for these according to the EU aamul America is the method of milching the milk. Recent Strategic choice of Amul consist of moving consumers from lose milk to packaged milk and gradually move them up zmul value chain, strong supply chain design and improving the socio-economic condition of the consumer anchors the desire to enhance ajul.


Sorry, but downloading is forbidden on this website. Western nations subsidizing the dairy products by a few means like transportation. Economies of scale 3.

But then competition has to be faced as a ground reality. AMUL has grown 3. After calculating the weighted score for all three companies, it seems that Nestle has got the highest weighted score compared to the other two companies.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. We’ll occasionally send you account related and promo emails. Steps should be taken to introduce value-added products like shrikhand, ice creams, paneer, khoa, flavored milk, dairy sweets, etc.

Amul introduced its chocolate a while back but it has not been able to gain the acceptance that it was aiming for. Lack of control over yield: Cheese 6Amul 2.

Wide diversity of 0. The companies are not associated with MBASkool in any way.

Marketing Report of the Amul Company, Including the Swot, Tows, Ifsa, Efas Essay

Also, at a time when due to lower swof of cereals, fodder prices had jumped almost two-fold, GCMMF enhanced the supplies of cattle-feed to milk producers and maintained its prices below cost and were able to provide better returns to the milk producers to overcome the stress of draught. This is big opportunity to cash in for a established leader.

Similar Brands in the same Sector:. Theoretically, there is little control over milk swoy.

Kwality Walls, Naturals, London dairy, Arun ice cream, Vadilal, Ramani, are some of the few brands who are directly in competition with Amul. Concluding the analysis, it can be observed that Amul holds a strong position in the market, is not facing any amu, of major threats and can still expand its operations by taking advantage of the opportunities.

Amul has a huge loyal customer base, customers trust the brand for providing high-quality products at reasonable prices.