1 The Official Rules of Play for the Game of Amtgard V8 Made Easy; Introduction; Amtgard the Organization; Role-playing in. Amtgard requires cooperation, honor, and fair play in order to ensure the most fun for all participants. Please read these rules thoroughly. Classes in Amtgard are designed so that each one brings a unique and valuable set of skills to the field which can be used as . V8 Rulebook.

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All classes also have a list of weapons and armor they can use regardless of level. This application is offline capable. The search feature is not fully seeded yet The content of this application is provided by the Amtgard V8 rules of play PDF and the implementation of v mobile application is done by Lord Kismet of Felfrost.

V8 Made Easy – AmtWiki

You will have stories to share with friends that will be better than any story you can dream up. If you are unaffected by a Magic or Ability, you must announce it when the Magic or Ability is complete. This allows everyone to enjoy their time at Amtgard.

Get people who are willing to role-play to play Non-Player Amtgardd and Monsters in quests. Play a character you can sum up in 25 words or less. Have you ever thought up “farmables” that are balanced for PVP? The reeve will announce how lives are handled before the game starts.


If the player struck has more than three points of armor in the location struck, then all hits to their armor remove a single point until they are at three points or less and then it behaves as stated earlier.

Easygard Mobile Amtgard

Typically teams are static and will be assigned before the game starts. Have fun with it!

Develop a character that supports the medieval-fantasy atmosphere of Amtgard. The initial goal is to get a searchable, easy to use application with the basics up and running first.

Amtgard V8 Rules Documents

In regards to flat blades how thick must the blade be. Daniel Caskey January Understandably, it is impossible for the writers to foresee and account for every possible situation. When a 4th level druid can cast flame blade which is the same thing? Except for Traits, all Abilities and Magic require an Incantation in order to be activated.

Zmtgard track of your own armor is simple. Kameron Haze May 3, Monster is a special class, playable only in games where the game designer and local monarch have given their permission for the class to be used. If you want more information read the Magic and Abilities sections. This web application is a form of the Amtgard V8 rulebook rules that is optimized for viewing on mobile devices.

Views Page Discussion View source History. All classes gain new abilities and levels at the following rate:.


V8 Made Easy

Creativity counts for a lot and teamwork is always overpowered. A person may advance in level in a amtfard after having the requisite credits and passing a class test administered by your class Guildmaster.

Why is the sword of flame a kingdom artifact.

Players without class sashes or minimum garb must play Peasant. They -could- cancel each other out. Comments and suggestions are welcome. Close Easygard was updated. Engulfing Magic Balls Iceballetc and weapons Pinning Arrowetc can affect you by hitting your equipment or garb. They state your name, point at you, and say an incantation of three repetitions of a phrase that activates the Verbal.

Make sure you are having fun: No matgard and sorcery setting is complete without monsters, those creatures from imagination or legend, both good and evil, that are somehow more or less than human.

There is no intent to derive monetary value from this application and the source can be found at the Github repository for Easygard.

Amtgard V8 talk Public group. Try something new or goofy. Playing a class in a Battlegame is a chance to combine physical abilities with tactical antgard strategic acumen to achieve victory.