AMS C 9084 PDF

AMS-C – 2 -. 1. SCOPE: Scope: This specification covers woven glass cloth that has been suitably finished for further fabrication into glass fabric base. Find the most up-to-date version of SAE AMS-C at Engineering 1. SCOPE. MIL-CB. 22 January. (See ). MfLfTARY SPECIFICATfON. CLOTH, GLAs2, FfNSHED,. FOR RESIN fAMINATES. This.

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Light weight cloths tend to provide a smooth finish and are excellent for producing a waterproofing layer over wood or other surfaces when combined with the appropriate resin. Heavier cloths will provide greater strength and overall rigidity. All of our fiberglass cloths are compatible for use with our polyester resinsepoxy resins or vinyl ester resin.

AMS-C,TY8,CL1&2 | Specifications | Aerospheres

Product Information For Purchasing. Aluminized Fiberglass is coated on one side with a silver like finish that provides a unique appearance and asthetic appeal. This cloth should primarily be used in flat parts with very little contour because the silver coating adds stiffness 0984 the cloth.

Chopped Strand Epoxy Mat.

Plain 2×2 Twill 4×4 Twill and Tapes. Plain 4-HS Narrow Widths. Closeouts End of Rolls 2nds. ONE linear yard 3 Ft am width of fabric.


Roll lengths are normally yards but can vary from to yards. Amx for 10 or more yards of a particular fabric always come rolled on a cardboard or corrugated tube.

Small cloth orders will sometimes be folded in order to fit with other products ordered unless otherwise requested that they be rolled.

MIL-CC(1) NOT 1 – Cloth, Glass, Finished, For Resin Laminates (S/S By SAE-Ams-C)

Orders of less than 10 yards are typically always one continuous piece. We try our best to eliminate splits in rolls, however, occasionally there may be a break in larger roll lengths. We will try to accommodate xms requests for continuous pieces. Online or by phone Tightly woven cloth in a smooth 4 harness satin weave. Tight pattern achieves a good strength to weight ratio for lightweight applications.

Lightweight cloth is good for most light duty applications. Used commonly for applications where a clear wet-out is necessary.

Lightweight cloth that is very common in small craft boat building. Wets out fairly transparent.

Most used fabric in cedar strip canoe type applications. Medium weight and strength cloth. Good formability and easy wet out.

Available in widths of 38″ and 50″ Plain Weave Thickness: Industry Style Highly conformable fiberglass cloth.

Extremely soft weave allows lay-up into the tightest parts. Can be used in many high performance composite parts where good drapability is needed. Currently available in 38″or 50″ width.


Style 2×2 Modified Twill Weave Thickness: Tightly woven, high performance e-glass. High strength to weight ratio. Used mainly in more advanced composite laminates.

Glass Fabrics

Style 8-Harness Satin Weave Thickness: Most used cloth in FRP boat constructions. Offers good combination of cost, weight and strength. Heavy duty cloth for rapid build-up. Super heavy duty cloth. Double Plain Weave Thickness: S2-Glass Fiberglass Cloths High performance fiberglass with better strength and stiffness compared to standard e-glass cloths.

Used in applications where the most possible strength is required while keeping weight to a minimum. Style Plain Weave Thickness: Tightly woven satin weave cloth. Virtually identical weave, weight and cc count as our style 8. This cloth uses S2 fiberglass for high strength applications. Fiberglass Cloth Tapes Narrow width woven cloth fabrics provide easy wet-out when used with epoxy, polyester and vinyl ester resins. These cloth tapes are ideal for amd, joints and cracks.

These cloths can be purchased by the linear YARD or in full mas of 50 yards.