The “AMS” name in the standard is an abbreviation of “Aerospace Materials Specifications”. The standard is published by SAE Aerospace, part. I am relatively new to being a provider of heat treat services and am trying to get some clarification on AMS D. The specification identifies. Does AMS D require a statement of compliance to the specification (AMS D). printed on, or provided with Certificates of Calibration for an instrument.

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Change of combustion pressure settings from original setting?

Load sensors, used for measurement of temperature of parts, simulated parts, or raw material, shall be in contact with or buried in the load during thermal processing. Performed to assure the accuracy of the furnace control and recorder system in each control zone.

Working with AMS2750E and AMS2750D

Refractory repair using material with similar thermal properties? Wms furnace where product is conveyed continuously from the charge area to the discharge area. Temperature resolution requirements for furnace chart recorders shall be in accordance with Table 4. Identification of the sensor being tested?

thermocouples AMS | Pyrocontrole

The range within which the 2750 input can be altered upscale and downscale without registering a change on the instrumentation. A furnace containing molten salt that is heated to the desired heat treat temperature.


The traverse may be repeated as many times as necessary to ensure that any recurrent temperature pattern is determined at all test locations through the surveyed working zone s. Instrumentation – Refrigeration Equipment …………………………………. Refrigeration equipment shall have a temperature controller.

A sensor connected to the monitoring instrument. Corrected test instrument reading?


Each control zone shall have over-temperature protection. A type of sensor consisting of two electrically conducting circuit elements of different thermoelectric characteristics joined at a junction. Manual adjustments to the controller set point, based on observed load sensor readings provide acceptable control.

In addition, any offsets or adjustments shall remain in place during all subsequent heat treatments ama the temperature range where the offsets are applied. Load sensor shall comply with 3.

AMS temperature uniformity mode available only on the Multitrend SX lets you use the recorder as a field test instrument to do a temperature uniformity survey, and create a data file used to generate required reports. This give an indication to when thermocouples need replacing, dependent on load cycles and other factors specified in AMSD.

An instrument that presents process measurements in a digital display format. It determines how well a furnace performs relative to its design — in particular, the uniformity of the temperature within the volume of the working area of the furnace compared to the programmed setpoint. System accuracy tests shall be performed using a test instrument meeting the requirements of Table 3 and a test sensor meeting the requirements of Table 1. Heat sink material shall be the material with the highest room temperature thermal conductivity consistent with the predominant material processed in the furnace.


It covers temperature sensors, instrumentation, thermal processing equipment, amz accuracy tests, and temperature uniformity surveys.

2750dd A furnace used only for determining response to heat treatment as required by material specifications. All TUS sensors shall meet the required temperature uniformity tolerance.

Using Honeywell X-Series paperless recorders for compliance with AMS D standards

Normally used to calibrate secondary instrumentation. Previously applied internal adjustments or offsets to the control or recording instrument to correct an SAT difference. As found and as left data at each calibration point? Use the average correction factor calculated from both ends of the roll if the individual correction factors from each end are within acceptable limits of Table 1.

This will reset the next control thermocouple calibration date. For continuous furnaces, traversing a load through the furnace during the test is not a requirement.

Thermocouple amx and extension wire requirements are shown in Table 2. The system shall support protection, retention, and retrieval of accurate records throughout the record retention period.