2 About ARexx Programs. Running ARexx Programs; Using ARexx Interactively. 3 Program Examples. Program 1. A function is a program or group of statements that is executed whenever that function name is called in a particular context. A function may be. NAME. Amiga::ARexx – Perl extension for ARexx support. ABSTRACT. This a perl class / module to enable you to use ARexx with your.

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The “pattern” in this case is very simple – a single character – but could be an arbitrary string of any length. The documentation for the host application pro- gram should then describe the possible return codes for each command; these codes can be used to determine whether the operation performed by the command was successful. Amigga Variables This appendix lists the ARexx special variables.

Converts the string argument from its character representation to the corresponding hexadecimal number, expressed arezx the ASCII characters and A-F.

AmigaOS Manual: ARexx – AmigaOS Documentation Wiki

The Boolean return is 1 if the entry was found and successfully removed. Argument value 0 is invalid.

EOF file Checks the specified logical file name and returns the boolean value 1 True if the end-of- file has been reached, and False otherwise. Generally, ARexx programs use single spacing between alphanumeric characters.

ARexx scripting: How to – English Amiga Board

If the file could not be saved for any reason, it would be appropriate to return an error code of ten 10 so that the script could be terminated early, or some other action could be taken. It is the user’s responsibility to release the memory space when it is no longer needed. Characters beyond the end of the output table are replaced with the specified pad character or a blank.

A program may receive one or more argument strings when it is first invoked. The tracing flag remains set until it is cleared using the! Note that the name is case sensitive. Templates Parsing is controlled by a template, which may consist of symbols, strings, operators, and parentheses. The tracing action of the interpreter is determined by a trace option that selects which source clauses will be traced, and two modifier flags that control command inhibition and interactive tracing.


External programs are always run as a separate process in the Amiga’s multitasking system. The second concatenation operation is identified by the blank operator, and joins the two operand strings with one intervening blank. It is especially useful as a scripting language which allows you to control and modify applications and to direct how they interact with each other.

Except for the exact equality and exact inequality operators, all comparison operators dy- namically determine whether a string or numeric comparison is to be performed. If the symbol has been assigned a value, VAR is returned.

The Clip List is a publicly accessible mechanism that can be used as a general clipboard for intertask communication. Calculates the factorial of the number argument.

For example, a macro written for a communications program called “MyComm” might be named “download. Examines the names in the Library List, which are either function libraries or function hosts. You can use positive or negative integers, or positive floating point numbers. At this point the new environment is dismantled, and control resumes at the point of the function call. This chapter discusses the ARexx command interface and examines some of the ways in which commands can be used to build programs for an external program.

In my opinion the debugging is an issue while scripting with ARexx. BnOK stringl,string2,[padJ The argument strings are logically ORed together, with the length of the result being the longer of the two operand strings. These short programs can be created using any text editor and then run from the Command Line Interface CLIor may simply be read as samples of the language.

Applications programs can modify a resource list either by sending a request packet to the resident process or by direct manipulation of the Est. Parsing by Tokenization, When a variable in the template is followed immediately by another variable, the value string is determined by breaking the input string into words separated by blanks.

The following option keywords are recognized: The returned string will never have leading or trailing blanks. The program source is examined for a label that matches the function name. Adds a function library or a function host to the library list maintained by the resident process. After the ARexx program exits, the next program that uses the input stream will read the prepared commands and can process them in the normal fashion.


Calculates the inverse cosine of the argument number in radiants. For example, the following program will send five files named myfile. This provides a convenient way to issue a single command to an external host without disturbing the current host addresses.

Also note that the elements do not contain quotes around the information.

There are two methods to start ARexx automatically: Whenever a target object is found, the assigned value is determined by examining the next template object. Each program maintains an internal copy of the last state of the tracing flag, and sets its tracing option to OFF when it observes that the tracing flag has been cleared.

Many functions use the clipboard for retrieving different types of information, such as predefined constants or strings. This time we send our data to PIPE: Bill for examplewhich be the corresponding number.

Symbol resolution proceeds irrespective of operator priority or parenthetical grouping; if a function call is found, the resolution is suspended while wrexx function is evaluated.

AmigaOS Manual: ARexx Getting Started

The return value is a boolean success lag. Two special symbol characters may precede any of the alphabetic amigaa. Now if you got too much free time, then do it in AmigaDos: Commands 43 The Host Address The destination for a command is determined by the current host address, which is the name of the public message port managed by an external program. Afexx chapters that follow have been organized to provide a gentle introduction to the language. The input and output tables may be of any length.

ARexx follows a specific search order in attempting to locate the called function; this process is described in Chapter 6.