This demo shows how you can use Export plugin’s API to generate a Base64 snapshot of the chart’s appearance. It’s useful when you want to. Contribute to amcharts/export development by creating an account on GitHub. You should just be able to add the following before you write the chart to the DIV. “exportConfig”:{ “menuTop”: 0, menuItems: [{ textAlign: ‘center’, icon.

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Zeroes were being exported to data formats as empty strings rather than numbers 1.

Additionally, you can add fit property which is an array of pixel dimensions, you want the image to be scaled to fit into. Amchhart handling issue on touch devices, uses css classname to toggle menu items updated CSS file, on devices only where the “Touch” object is within window scope 1. The top-level menu is configured via menu property under export.

You can even add custom items there that execute your arbitrary code on click. The top-level menu is configured via menu property under export. The plugin will automatically try to look in chart’s path property. The export will also need relatively recent browsers. Loading issue with patterns in firefox 1. SVG clip-path export issue; injection control; wrap elements to support fill reference Fixed: Did not collect clip-path and pattern from legend Amchadt SVG element as second argument within the “reviver” callback Added: Scrollbar issue hiding the unselected scrollbar background area 1.


Test your JavaScript, CSS, HTML or CoffeeScript online with JSFiddle code editor.

Next Step Leave tour. Those libraries need to be loaded for the plugin to work properly. Namespace key issue with minified resource versions 1.

Namespace check within globals for required third party software 1.

amCharts Export

Half pixel positioning issue which caused the blurriness within the canvas and exported image. Issue polyfilling the color amchhart with “rgba” color codes 1. For more information on customizing the embed code, read Embedding Snippets. All of them offer things like variables and mixins to provide convenient abstractions. The plugin comes with a default CSS file export. You can trigger an “annotation” mode instead by including “action”: Partial support for IE9; Fallback mechanism.

Some formats, such as CSV, have specific parameters that are used when exporting to this format.

Solved: How to enable the function of export to pdf in amC – Qlik Community

Plugin includes a way to completely control what is displayed on export menu. AmExport chart ; tmp.


SmoothCustomBullet plugin support, clip-path issue on curved corners 1. JSON exports date fields amcart date objects by default 1. Issue with the legend positioning on the left side 1. Array of elements which represents the content details. Some formats, such as CSV, have specific parameters that are used when exporting to this format. Places the legend in case it is within an external container skip to chapter.

Added reviver in capturing method to filter the drawn chart elements 1. Safari 5 issue please adapt fabric.

General delay property to delay the capturing of the chart details 1. Temporary workaround to bypass FileSaver check; issue prevented to open blob urls in safari browser 1. Positioning issue on multiline labels 1. For this you can simply define the ‘delay’ property in your menu item:.

File Located in Required for fabric.