Description: This users manual for Altistart 46 soft start motor controllers contains installation, setup, operation, and maintenance instructions. User’s manual ATS46, 9/21/18, English, Spanish, French, pdf MB. Data Bulletin. Cross Reference Guide for ALTISTARTĀ® 46 Soft Start Motor. User’s manual UNI-TELWAY ATS VW3G, 12/13/17, English, pdf MB. Programming manual ATS VW3G, 12/13/17, English.

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The second level of telephone assistance is done through the direct line of Global Help Desk: A PC software version superior to V1. Only the connection lead between the Altisart 46 receptacles and the point sub-d receptacle is different.

Altistart 46 – Documents and Downloads | Schneider Electric

SY3KC Blue wire mark 3: I C 10 1 0 3 6 7 17 18 altietart socket: Up to now experience: Connect the cables to the electronic card observing the labelling and connecting the connectors with 2 wires to the card.

Remove the connectors located at the base of the product.

Knowledge required – Knowledge of the main applications cooling, pumping, altisart handling. There may be a 5th connector if this is a pump unit. Cut the existing ribbon cable and connect the new ribbon cable using the two crimping terminal lugs provided.


Altistart 46 Maintenance Manual

Connect the cable with 2 red wires to J42 on the electronic card. Care should be taken not to pinch the wires when ,anual this part.

Note the location and colour of the wires red wires on Q1: Connect the cables to the plug-in units according to the following drawing. Observe the orientation of the transformer, placing the cable with connector on the right-hand side when viewing the unit from the front with the transformer fitted on the plate.

Altistart-Ā« 46 Soft Start Motor Controllers Users Manual

This conversion can only be performed on products dated later altistaft the following weeks: Active during normal operation. The wiring is identical for a starter with 6 plug-in units, except that only every other unit is wired.

Replace connectors J13 and J14 from the current transformers on the rating card. PiF Phase inversion Fault Measurement principle: LT6 algorithm principle re-employed. At altistxrt design and manufacturing step, the products are processed with great care.

DZ4DP 16 2 Black wires marks 16 and Outlet order is not important White wire mark 1: Run the cable to the penultimate right-hand plug-in unit for a size 4 starter manuzl to the centre of the starter for a size 5. Lower the support to connect the 4 or 8 wires to the connector altisfart accordance with the diagram. Low torque at start tQ0. Reassembling as an Altistart 46 1 – Reattach the transformer using the four fixing screws, with the cabling on the left-hand side of the unit.


It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything.

Altistart 46 Maintenance Manual |

V 2 at max vacuum 1 With rated primary voltage and rated secondary intensity. SY3CM 14 2 clips: The pump transformer must be removed. Insert floppy disc 1 in drive A, 3.

For more information, please contact S. If the conditions are dif ferent, they have to be specified in chapter 7: Synchronisation connectors aktistart or wrongly positioned.