My name is Aisha Bhatia, I am twenty-nine years old and single. I work as a Guest Relations Manager at the Grand Orchid Hotel. I dine at luxury hotels and stay. In this amusing though flawed novel, Kala introduces the Bridget Jones of India. Aisha Bathia is an independent year-old single woman living in New Delhi. : Almost Single eBook: Advaita Kala: Kindle Store.

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The best parts are the emotional and societal events in a 29 year old single, surviving alone, pressured with a high profile, higher expectant job title, with a f This book is a complete hilarious with loads of fun factor.

Almost Single Reader’s Guide

What other bonds do they share, and how are they revealed? Dec 29, Nikhilesh rated it did not like it.

Almost Single is singularly awful: The book has no perspective to offer about urban working women. The liberated ones who use their married as well as maiden surname with a hyphen sound to Aisha like a firm of chartered accountants. Written by Aingle Jhamb. Suddenly out of nowhere everything falls into place. I took this book up for reading rather hesitantly. Sep 02, Punit Sahani rated it really liked it. Chick with substance-that’s how I like it. Advantage ji convert her emotions n masti into story by commendable writing skills, i felt that, i am watching a movie, every line of the book is so intresting n lively, Everytime I’m finding something new, and sometimes I feels ke Kasht main bhi is book ka koi Character simgle.

There are tims when you laugh out loud with Aisha and then moments when you’d like to slap advvaita Very possible situations, relatable characters and real This review first published on Oh Just Books.


Almost Single by Advaita Kala – Reading Guide – : Books

The “relationship facts” seem a collection of cliches to me, and none of the single, working, nearing ladies I know are like the characters in this book – they are too busy struggling to manage the demands of jobs, single-living, and parental pressures, to go partying every night. Her mum, cousin and aunty and friends give the r The Indian Bridget Jones, only wittier and funnier! Paperbackpages.

Aisha is Bridget Jones in a sari.

All the more difficult to choose one from umpteen ectypes. As for sitting myself down and writing, well, I can be quite obsessive and do one thing and nothing else, and then there are days when I would go nowhere near the book. Please try again later. The idea for Almost Single germinated as a result of some of the experiences that surrounded me. Everytime find it interesting Enjoyed the first half of the book very much.

Initially when I picked the book, I thought it would be something like “The Single Woman” by Mandy Hale, where the single woman asvaita herself. The characters needed far more development if I was supposed to care.

The genre consists of books written of women, by women and for women. Fancy, Funny, Chic, and off course bitchy. Till the End of Forever. The book provided me no funmany be laugh in some parts.

If you did not, share it with us in the comments below. Except here, once the prejudice part is done, the book often forgets to overturn that almosg. I read this book through in one sitting – it was the right size and thoroughly engaging. I felt it has nothing new to offer.


Book Review | Almost Single by Advaita Kala

Apparently, gay men drool almots every hot guy they come across. Now coming to the last bit, why i said a morale booster, ‘initially’, in the first place. Will he finally be the one to rescue her from impending spinsterhood? It was a case of trying too hard to be funny but falling flat on the face kind of thing.

There are so many quips per page that even though only around a Almost Single is the story of a 29 year old single woman in Delhi looking for a husband.

It moves at interesting pace, and keeps one entertained – commendable for the first book of an author. Looking for More Great Wdvaita There were several cultural references, which were not given supporting details to help a Non-native to India understand.

A ten on ten in the humour department Phew! Chick lit does not deal with culturally suppressed women. Questions and Topics for Discussion 1.

HarperCollins 6 June Sold by: I personally very much enjoyed this book, though it was an obligatory course reading. One moment she hates him and suddenly they are boyfriend and girlfriend? The occasional glimpses of typical ‘Dilli ki ladki’ wisdom coupled with well timed hints of humour successfully earn a few brownie points for the book.