Me han dado una descarga de voltios y ahora me encuentro lleno de energía. La próxima mujer con la que me acueste se iluminará como una. Find Alguien Volo Sobre El Nido Del Cuco (1d) [Import espagnol] at Movies & TV, home of thousands of titles on DVD and Blu-ray. Alguien voló sobre el nido del cuco [Ken Kesey] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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We want him to succeed, to beat Nurse Ratched not because he is good, but because the alternative – a total, crushing conformity and control jido would be worse. The first is the loud, brash, rebellious, life-loving Randle McMurphy.

T I decided to read this novel because it is lauded as a great modern classic and I had it on my to-read list, plus I’d seen and enjoyed the film many years ago. Ddl, the plot seems to involve men mentally castrated by a domineering woman who could just as easily be labeled “Bitch” as she could “Big Nurse. Manic moments are mixed with poignant acting all leading to an astounding climax.

The book is sexist, in my completely honest opinion. Throw off the shackles of the society into which you’ve been inculcated and expand your mind, man. View all 5 comments. The big heroic moment for Jesus-figure McMurphy was ripping apart a woman’s uniform to expose her breasts HA. The two most important people here are, of course, Jack Nicholson and Xuco Fletcher. Her strong will to keep things monotonous leads to a final showdown with sobrw free spirited “McMurphy” in what is easily one of the most shocking and disturbing climaxes in recent memory.

There are two kinds of patients at the hospital. Dressed in a jester’s outfit, Kesey was the chief prankster. Hido was how it was sold to me.

Alguien Volo Sobre El Nido del Cuco

Sign in with Facebook Other Sign in options. It would have been just a star if not for the redeeming although really depressing conclusion answering the most important of the above questions. Where the story could be about man held down by society, this book really, really harped on the emasculation of men by powerful women.


This book is hard to get through as much as it is to get through Titicus Follis The Documentary Film because of the harsh reality of how mental institutions are depicted; one through fiction and one through a documentary.

I also have a mental illness, so that goes without saying. Joe Constantine McMurphy isn’t a good guy. Formerly imprisoned for battery and gambling in a prison work farm, he has had himself transferred to this psychiatric hospital seeking a cushier means of working off his sentence. The fact that our anti-hero committed statutory rape, and intimidated his victim to prevent her from testifying is troubling, but when added to the fact that McMurphy and other men in the novel seek to assert their dominance over women with power through discussions of rape, and acts of sexual harassment, intimidation and sexual assault it seems that a particularly toxic brand of masculinity is being promoted as a way of railing against powerful women.

The story is told by a so-called deaf and dumb patient, the towering, half-Native American Chief Bromden, an inmate at a mental asylum in Oregon, USA, in the early s. I really didn’t like this book.

Then somewhere at about the two thirds mark, there is a fishing trip. One has to say everything in big words. View all 4 comments.

He is full of faults, full to the brim with them! DNF on page The book was intended to be a criticism of mental care facilities and the practices of those times, akguien rightly so.

Alguien Volo Sobre El Nido Del Cuco by Ken Kesey

McMurphy and the other inmates band together to make a rebellious stance against the alguidn Nurse. It was over forty pages before the main character was even introduced also before I realized the first-person narrator is NOT the main character, which stylistically is a fascinating and unusual choice. I know that the book is supposed to be allegorical. They are two separate things. But this is not a book that has aged well.


Her stubbornness and lack of compassion for the poor guys is rather one dimensional. She was an efficient woman who knew what she wanted and she did not want reckless, cocky men in her ward.

Alguien voló sobre el nido del cuco

Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. The evidence points to yes. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Maybe the problem was that I wasn’t really in the mood to read it, but I still forced myself because it has been on my shelf for so long.

The writing style is of a certain form of speech that is too direct like a Native American poem. But nah, in the end it’s an author who made sure every problem was caused by a woman, and the solution to that problem is to remind women that they are, in the end, only women, by forcing them to shutup and show their breasts. See offer for details. One flew over the cuckoo’s nest. For one, the protagonist you’re supposedly “rooting for” is a rapist.

None of these characters seem real, and the concerns of the novel — freedom, social limits, the individual and the machine — are presented so stupidly, in such a high schoolish manner, that it’s hard to take This strikes me as so overrated, and disappointingly juvenile in its fundamental point of view — “THEY” are out to get you, everyone in concert, just to spoil your good time.