ALESIS D4 Reference Manual CHAPTER 1 – INTRODUCTION 51 CHAPTER 1: INTRODUCTION Thank you for purchasing the Alesis D4 Drum Sound. At Alesis, while our products range from keyboards, synthesizers, hard disk recorders, iPod recording and playback devices, electronic drums, mixers, signal . Get free software by registering your Alesis products.

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This is how it works: This gives you the facility to use one of the trigger inputs not as a trigger itself, but as an input to the Suppression circuit.

Tim Goodyer says everything starts with a D. This is excellent for practicing, or for creating drum kits while other activity is taking place in the studio. Note that any notes generated by the D4 would be recorded into the sequencer as well. And on the subject of audio outs, pressing the Output button puts you in control of the sound’s route to the outside world.

The mannual setting of 4 is the “median” velocity curve.

Suppose three drum pads are mounted on a single drum stand while set up on a noisy stage. When experiencing an interaction problem, the trigger that needs adjustment is the pad that is false triggering, not the pad being struck.

Normally, a higher XTALK setting would be used to eliminate interaction between the pads, and a high NOISE floor setting would be selected to reject the high level of ambient noise and vibration. Group Determines how a drum sound or group of drum sounds will respond to successive series of triggers. The D4 generates very little heat so it is not necessary to leave an empty space for ventilation above or below the unit.

Here you have the option of assigning a sound to Multi, Single, Group 1 or Group 2.

Alesis D4 Manuals

This “unconditional release”, as it was known in analogue days, prevents one of the early problems that plagued digital drum machines from afflicting the D4. Aleesis 3 is a second “real” hit from the snare pad. The idea is that if you know some particular signal source is going to be causing false triggering, you can optimise the suppression parameter to discriminate against it. By adjusting the crosstalk level to a higher value, you set a higher threshold for the signal to exceed, and reduce the ability of a pad drum to crosstalk.


Don’t be misled by the shortage of drum categories either; Snr, for example, also carries sticks and brushes as well as flanged and phased snares, while Prc and Efx cover a multitude of percussive sins.

Alesis D4 | Vintage Synth Explorer

HARD WORK Taking a more manuap look manyal the D4’s hardware, we find a 1U-high rackmount whose front panel from left manuak right boasts a headphone socket, volume control; character, two-line, backlit LCD; alpha wheel-style Data knob; large Preview button; left and right cursor buttons; ten function buttons with active LED bars and a power button. The parameters contributing to the performance of the trigger options are Recovery time the period after a trigger signal during which subsequent triggers are ignoredNoise Floor the threshold below which signals are not accepted as legitimate triggers and Suppression a trigger’s ability to check the other trigger inputs for higher-level signals in case its own signal is a consequence of another channel being triggered.

Stereo with Variable Placement: This amnual represents the signal decay time, or the amount of time between once a pad has been struck and triggers, to when it will trigger again from another hit. The pedal is up so that the upper and lower cymbals do not touch. Alesis microns multitimbral Hi all Press the Store button.

The first Ext Trig page shows three parameters.

Lower DCAY values shorter times will respond to quickly repeated hits but may be more prone to false triggering. Drum sounds can only have their tuning, panning and respective volumes edited. In terms of sounds, the D4 is to the beatbox world what the Oberheim Matrix is to that of synths. Note Chase will not follow any trigger that has been set to Unassigned.

Use the Data wheel to select the desired footswitch function.

This is the sound generated by pushing down on the pedal; it is not initiated by hitting the hi hat with a drum stick, but by the sound of the upper cymbal striking the lower one. Run the outputs to a mixing manuzl, and you can treat the drum kit and percussion sounds as two submixes.


Use the Data wheel to select the desired Drum Set to be called up in response to the specified Program Change number. One last – and quite commendable – inclusion in the sound management facilities of the D4 is its ability to recall factory presets from ROM. Each click calls up a Drum Set between Using the meter, adjust the level to select a “hotter” than usual GAIN setting.

Also, an unnecessarily high XTALK setting actually suppresses the sensitivity of the trigger input, resulting in the occasional loss of softer hits. A cursor underline will appear under whichever parameter is ready to be edited. The D4 is compatible only with D4 system exclusive data; for example, you cannot load system exclusive data from another drum device into the D4.

Alesis D4 Drum Module (MT Feb 92)

The third Ext Trig page shows two parameters. The top line of the third page shows the Program Change status. Once this happens the D4 will trigger the mnaual. In Mono mode, only one note at a time plays in response to voice messages; in Poly mode, as many voices can play notes as are available to play notes.

This is useful with many percussion sounds such as tambourine, agogo, etc. Since the DCAY time threshold is adjusted too low, the DCAY level curves off too soon allowing a second point, during the signal’s decay, to exceed the threshold.

Remember that recalling a Drum Set overwrites the edit buffer contents. Please include your email address if you want to manusl contacted regarding your note. To monitor via headphones, plug them into the front panel Phones jack.

With Multi selected, repeated cymbal strikes, say, don’t cut each other off. Now only the initial strike of the drum triggers the D4. Other articles featuring gear in this article: