Alceste (Christoph Willibald Gluck): Synopsis, Libretto, Highlights, MIDI, Noten, Sheet Music. Alceste. Musica di. George Frederich Handel. HWV A cura di http://www. Ottobre Ouverture. Alceste, Wq. 37 is an opera by Christoph Willibald Gluck from The libretto ( in Italian) was written by Ranieri de’ Calzabigi and based on the play Alcestis.

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What is she doing? About me hovers the haughty shadow of death that grasps his sword, raises his right hand, and signals to give the fatal blow.

Then the heavens open, Apollo descends and proclaims that the gods have given them their lives as a reward for their steadfast love. Ah, troppo, oh alcste, siete pronti a’ voti miei!

Ismene, Evander O how we grieve! Aspasia Ah, mother beloved! Apollo in nuvola luminosa; AIceste chiusa in un gruppo di nuvole. Ecco si spande odor celeste, al simulacro intorno arde un cerchio di luce.

I do not ask, eternal gods, that all heaven should be serene for me. To the right is an altar on which incense is burning, to the left Evander, Libetto and some of the leading citizens.


Alceste (Gluck) – Wikipedia

The oracle says Admeto can be rescued if another voluntarily sacrifices his life. Otello — La Scala Otello: They all bear in their hands olive branches decked with ribbons, symbols of supplication and show signs of great affliction. Gods of the Libretti No more is allowed, There is no lirbetto mercy. A God Rein in, rash mortal, the ill-considered passion that transports you. Pensate a me, venite sovente alla mia tomba, ornatela di fiori.

Llibretto will is that Alcestis provide today a generous example for faithful wives in future days. Evander, he who thus makes a gift of life, deserves it more than any other. Alcestis Aspasia, Eumelus, O dear sharers in this bosom! Take from me this wretched finery: Admetus I feel my heart rent by a flood of sorrow!

Ismene Alcestis, ah hurry, ah do not delay! I tremble in thinking of it. The decision of the gods is not revoked.

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Ismene I go, but hear! Alceste AlcestisQueen of Pherae in Thessaly.


Ad ora, ad ora, illanguidir mi sento, mi sento indebolir. Alcestis Now the great act shall be accomplished! Fuggiamo, fuggiamo da questo soggiorno d’orrore. This causes great libreetto.

Opera Today

Already I feel you troubling my rest when afflicted, bewildered, grieving you will say: A light starts to appear in the sky. Ismene Alcestis is dead! Alceste parte in fretta co’ figli. PeopleIsmene, Evander Ah, to this libgetto realm, etc. Our dear children may heaven keep, I only desire in our sweet bonds to pass my days, and then to die in your arms.

Full Score download Vocal Score download. Alcestis O dear children! But where, O God, beyond my sorrow do my desperate thoughts lead me? Some of the changes were made upon the advice of Jean-Jacques Rousseau, one of Gluck’s greatest French admirers.