User Guide for Alcatel Telephone. Advanced Phone Features For The Alcatel set is equipped with the following elements: 1. Handset. 2. Alcatel OmniPCX . The list of programmable features can be found in your User guide. Þ. END of Alcatel. OmniPCX™ and REFLEXES™. Alcatel Advanced Reflexes™ Alcatel OmniPCX Office ARCHITECTS OF AN INTERNET WORLD User guide How Thank you for choosing one of our Reflexes .

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If engaged, the second call comes in. Some configurations will require your personal code for activating several of the features in the following material.

Making a call to Attendant. Press key to decrease the volume level. Terminal is involved in a call: Press to correct errors b.

The display will shows that calls are being forwarded and to what number. Icon corresponding to key.


Alcatel 4035 Advance Reflex Telephone User Guide

Divert your calls to another terminal. You can protect access to your messages by using your personal code. Call back last caller Charge: How to handle several calls 5 1.

Press key to increase the volume level or 3.

Group Call Pick-up 6 4. Do not disturb DNDSui: Intrusion into an internal conversation. Identify the terminal you are on.

To camp-on a busy internal line: To lock your terminal: Lock OR personal code 4 digits, by default 62 63 – Guarantee and clauses howtoc Independently of the legal warranty that covers this appliance, it is guaranteed for 1 year, parts and labour, counting from the date indicated on your invoice. Sending a text message at the beginning of your call: To arrange Selective forwarding: An asterisk indicates each digit or the code.


Back in a minute 5. How to make a telephone call 4 1. To review the log of external calls: Your callers will be informed on their screens, and can read the message by using “Scroll. Description of an action or context. Alphabetic keypad Protected by a flap, used for call by name, message service and programming. Calling – using a programmed station key Programmable keys on your terminal external parties, or to access features. Common Hold is indicated to all other members of the group who have a common 32 Sending a text message to an internal party To send a text message: The display screen will prompt you to dial the default code or your old code.


Servce then Next to reach the feature group you want.

The visibility will change with each keystroke. When you answer the call, the calling station number will also be displayed.