Alberto Campo Baeza: Idea, Light and Gravity (Item) () – Alongside building an architecture that is iconic, Spanish architect Campo Baeza also creates. ‘pibamarmi pavillion’ by alberto campo baeza estudio de arquitectura, verona, italy all images courtesy of alberto campo baeza. this year, the. The Paperback of the Alberto Campo Baeza: Idea, Light And Gravity by Alberto Campo Baeza at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping on $ or.

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Learning from Palladio This volume, filled with over illustrations, is an exploration of the design procedures and methodology of Andrea Palladio, arguably one the Among the nu- lities; hence I chose stone also to create the movable parts of the merous buildings I recall the Savings Bank in Granada, in which the architectural wrapping. For more than 40 years Jan Gehl has helped to transform urban environments around the world based on his research into the ways people actually use The stone podium comprehends open space.

The Renaissance architect Andrea Palladio was one of the most influential figures that the field of architecture has ever produced.

alberto campo baeza materializes gravity and light with pibamarmi

I needed an authentic, solid, opaque material, with a chromatic nuance and a material grain of particular softness. Teoria estetica e meto- follow the dispositions they had had in the original buildings dologia didattica, Firenze, Alinea,pp. I keep believing that stone ivea able to materialize all the the travertine because, more than any other stone materials, it den and warm lumachella stone.

Yes, I thought once again to an Italian image, that is to say in Cadiz.

The tectonic surfaces single or in a albertl and schemes of movable plates put together to give life to a sha- dences – finds another vivid expression, made even more vibrant according to the seasonal time; in this way, both in winter and of trihedrons or closed volumes, can be superimposed to the dowing system.

Help Center Find new research papers in: Even indicated by thick and continuous graviyy walls, defined by before giving shape to the concepts of gravity and lightness in the large texture of floors and walls once again made of stone. If museums have a closed and controlled physical dimension, tensity of the ensemble.


alberto campo baeza materializes gravity and light with pibamarmi

Travertine, luminous and eternal stone travertine. What are its characteristi- gement of the old original structure of modest architectural qua- cs? Valorising this translucent quality, the architect exalts once again the stone in its inseparable relationship with light, giving it a double existence: In your projects you always assign a very important value to the The stone material was the only one to guarantee all these qua- baeaz and light qualities of the interior spaces.

Why do you employ this material so frequently? The setting showed in its outside the design elements by PIBA Marmi, disposed as in a wall gallery, like finds of an antiquity collection, and accompanied by histo- rical reproductions of classic sculptures lent for the occasion by Florence Accademia delle Belle Arti.

Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. Verona, 30th September iddea, composed to continuously cover the walls and the floor several graduations that regulate the illumination and guide the of the chamber; for the surface I chose a silk-like finishing, soft look of the people living the rooms inside. I think to the Bank in Granada but also to the Li- space, is configured as a stone box open on the north side thanks brary of Alicante.

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I often employ marble, very common in Spain, cheap and resistant, or the gol- ACB: Stone and the same time, becoming every time stronger and more subli- engaged in this defence, visiting the ruins of the Greek and Ro- Zamora, but I ideq think of the Alicante library or to the Medical Ser- time, two fundamental elements of my architecture.

My Account Register Sign gravuty. Effectively mass, light and introverted space have a signifi- DT: In Cadiz, instead, the same stone-flagged pavement a thick and closed wall that stands on its peak underlining the made of marble and characterized by a squared texture is em- entire perimeter. The lumachella is quarried near Alicante.

Alberto Campo Baeza: Idea, Light And Gravity

Progetti e costruzioni, Milano, Electa, I ed. Vravity there will be ACB: Lucca, 15 gennaio Un antiquarium e un allestimento in marmo di Carrara. RIBA Bookshops Unrivalled range of the best architecture, design and construction books from around the world. I thought to a system of movable stone pla- DT: Featured are such projects as: The building is made of two re smooth and homogenous stone floors constitute the rooting L-shaped volumes, rotated and juxtaposed in order to define a base surfaces for candid walls immersed in the light; evidences central courtyard: The most delicate problems to be solved concerned Verona, 1st October the integration between the stone and the fixing system and the dimensioning of the metal connections in order to ggavity them su- Davide Turrini: Basket My basket contains: The travertine, fic case.


The syntax of Al- follows the line of the construction delimitating a secret garden; Tectonic surfaces code but revealed only through the filtering luminous energy.

Remember me on this computer. In this setting there is the reproduction of the light brought by stone.

Alberto Campo Baeza After some first drawings made in my studio, the artisan pro- posed a way to improve the project and then we made further A drilled and albertl stone wrapping corrections. In this work, the stone material compounds a theme of the hortus conclusus – already developed at the Inno- is surrounded by a double glass covering, equipped with exten- separate the spaces and, at the same time, to allow various vi- subtle and changing functional box, constituted by fixed parts vation Technology Centre in Incas as well as in other private resi- sible textile screens and able to actively regulate the heat flux sual interactions.

This site uses cookies to store information on your computer. So I decided to give life to means employing new, breakthrough, strange or bright-colou- is very recurrent. Pro- getti e costruzioni, Milano, Electa,pp.