When TEMPO MODE is set to MANUAL, this field allows you to set the tempo. .. Owners of the Akai EWI wind synthesiser will find this function. Documents, presets, manuals Akai S – Audiofanzine. I recently got one of these and didnt receive a paper manual, so found this and thought I’d share it with other Akai users. Hope it helps someone.

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Don’t have an account? Pressing this pops-up this prompt: S has additional 8 outs so you can use external effects i recommend this. Mwnual can be recorded into RAM or directly to hard disk.

The S samples at Page As a result, the concept of effects files does not exist on the S and S and old effects files from the S, S and XL manuql cannot be used in the S Removable Panel s Only The selected item will be saved to that folder. Here you may tune each semitone. Again, please consult the documentation that s60000 with your device. Page 76 There is another problem too!


The S also offers programmable “user keys” which can be assigned to aaki page for rapid access to commonly used functions. As signal is input to the sampler, so these meters will move.

Part Tools Menu Zip, Jaz, Syquest, MO: Page None of the above is a deficiency on the part of the S as all devices that play audio back from hard disk are faced with similar problems but the fact that you can transpose virtual samples and Using Windows 95 On The Mac Sound Library Compatibility Thank you so much for sharing the data and all the information. Setting a positive value here will result in heavy keystrikes making the attack time ss6000 and light keystrokes making the attack time slower.

For example, this may be used to extract a snare drum or kick manuzl from a drum phrase. Don’t show me this message again. In this way especially with multis availablethe S can be used as a simple playback module for playing single sounds. Before we look at how to operate the timestretch functions on the S, let us first look briefly at how timestretch works.


With two low frequency oscillators LFOsenvelope generators, resonant multi-mode filters, panning and more, the S can radically transform any sound offering the creative musician and programmer almost endless possibilities. Page Sampler users require no less and so the DD timestretch process has s600 ported directly into the S to offer high quality, phase coherent stereo processing as well as a manula of easy to use presets for setting the timestretch parameters.

On the S we have four velocity zones that allow us to use playing technique to switch between these different samples so that you could, for example, use velocity to switch between a slow legato viola and an aggressively bowed viola.

The Wordclock connector insures easy integration into an all-digital studio and an optional ADAT interface provides sixteen digital outputs. Filter – Extensive filtering functions offer 26 types of resonant 4-pole and 2- pole lowpass, bandpass and highpass filters and many more. Akaimanualsampler. Good midi implementation, two lfos with many different waves.

This is normally the case with stereo samples as any difference in start times, loop length or position will result in the stereo imaging being inaccurate.

If the multi already has or parts, you will be prompted accordingly. To Play Backing Tracks Whereas on a synthesiser, you have oscillators with preset waveforms or preset samples contained in Read Only Memory – ROM which you cannot change, the S allows you to record any sound you want which can be then used as a waveform in any of the four keygroup zones for an almost unlimited range of sounds.

No part of the software or its documentation may be copied, transferred or modified. The S also offers an expansion slot on the front panel for an additional 3.


However, there may only be a handful of programs you need to change within a multi using MIDI program change. First, we need to select Part 7: There is nothing that can be done to overcome this. Effects – 3-band digital off-line EQ with variable gain. S Front Panel Page 24 Your S is now ready to use. Deleting Items From Disk As a result, you could have a situation where you go to delete a particular folder that appears to be empty but which, in fact, contains non-Akai data.

AKAI S6000 Operator’s Manual

This is a parameter down the right of the screen. By manipulating these harmonics with a filter, you can transform the tone or timbre of a sound. Imagine we want to add a new sound to Part 7 in our existing multi. For example, you may just wish to load only the programs and samples from a folder in which case, you could disable the loading of multis by pressing F6. The disk is now ready for use. You may set note ranges in two ways – manually or via MIDI. Page S t a r t 15 samples The S takes care of this automatically and leaves 15 samples between the two end points but WAVs that have been edited on another system so that the sample end and the loop end are the same or where the sample end is less than 15 samples away from the loop end may exhibit random clicks in the loop when transposed.

Filters are not very aggressive or spectacular however with resonancebut you get many types to choose 26 types. D I haven’t had any time to fire it up in anger yet but maybe later tonight Removing The Panel s Only For ‘spinning In