The s20 manual is kinda hard to find, so here it is for anybody who needs it http: //?d=LW5K8HSK:D. The Akai S20 is essentially a repackaged hybrid of the original mono, Akai S01 of samples or for entering the BPM of a sample loop manually in BEAT mode. 9 user reviews on Akai S S20, Sampler from Akai. . on-can-easier when you have some skills in editing and sampling, the French manual is well detailed.

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Sampler is ideal for easily editing your samples. Maximum memory of 16MB 17mb including inbuilt 1mb installed. There is also often a ‘knack’ involved and for the first few days kaai using the S20 I had it. You cannot post new topics in this forum You cannot reply to topics in this forum You cannot edit your posts in this forum You cannot delete your posts in this forum You cannot post attachments in this forum.

User manual AKAI S20

Nonetheless, pair the S20 up with a decent sequencer and an outboard effects box or filter if desired and you’ve got a nice, cheap, and functional little sampler. The standard 1 MB can sample between 7 to 56 seconds. This is a really fast and efficient way of achieving decent loops, of any kind, short or long and although it may sound a little bit tricky, it ain’t necessarily so.

Everything is said below. It’s worthwhile trying to get a loop right while sampling, even if it means attempting a loop two or three times. Also, achieving a good loop through careful timing means you can move on to grabbing and looping more samples a lot quicker, because you don’t need to get side-tracked into LOOP EDIT mode to tidy things up, which can be a slow and frustrating process.

  JBL 2370A PDF

Copy is also useful for making a temporary back-up of sample prior to editing and is a lot quicker than backing a sample up to disk. Setting up the S20 to receive MIDI on multiple channels is just as easy as everything else on the S20, I managed it without referring to the manual, which can’t be said of many samplers. Detailed instructions for use are in the User’s Guide. But it’s a humble and efficient performer that still sounds great, and is one of the easiest and therefore most immediate and satisfying sampling experiences going.

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Akai MPC Forums – akai s20 : Production Techniques

I never knew you could downgrade the sample rate to 8 bit until I started going through it! A previous owner stuck a sticker on the side, but I never bothered to take it off.

Very easy to use, and very robust. Also, after seeing my son’s reaction to it oohh In TRIM mode you can edit the start and length of a sample, to the minutest amount if needed, by using the coarse and fine parameters.

Small, well built and rugged. Also wondering if either of these s20, s would translate their sound very well into the mpc? The S20 is a fast machine to work with and ideas can be developed and worked out very quickly.

Thu May 30, 2: Thu Mar 17, 9: The manual I’m going to print up at work tonight, and floppies I managed to locate at a computer recycling place for.

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Bywizardsmoke Sun Jul 13, 6: It was expanded to have 32mb of memory and has 8 jack outs. It has s2 typical Akai look unlike the Remix 16and is compact but chunky with a footprint a little smaller than the magazine you are holding. Date Produced – On the SXL, samples sounded a little more full, particularly in the sub bass area and had slightly more sparkle in the upper regions but I think most everyday users would be hard pressed to tell the difference between them.


There is so much stuff on it that it could take you a week to get through it all, everything from dub to disco, SFXvocals, beats, bops and blaps, licks and loops and all with listed BPMs, icing on an already fine cake.

When the sample data is finished loading, LEDs for each bank containing samples will light up. Biensur then there is a small program to make these samples AkaiDisk pc it works pretty good, but you soon made them “manually” it’s more and more “fun” It is also equipped with a sequencer 4 tracks used rapid sequence these ideas and I do not very useful.

For detailed information, see page If ajai sampling with the full 17 Mb, in full flow with majual of great loops and sequences and you want to move on to another song or try out some new ideas you manuap do anything until you’ve spent nearly ten minutes shunting a dozen disk’s in and out of the S20 to back-up your work. I returned to my first sampler and old gear for it, like what, tired of working on a single loop and replay the thing I wanted to work as before, quick and creative I bought a power supply for my DR as well, and my Electribes.