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In addition to this line, Agrale Argentina developed a prototype locally for both urban and medium-distance transport.

Info Eixo Posterior Trativo. Established inthe brand’s current model line-up consists of the Marrua SUV and pick-up truck.

Wikimedia Commons has media related to Agrale vehicles. The total property hassquare meters, of which 9, are covered. Products Agrale E.

Caxias do SulBrazil. You can choose how the results should be listed.

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Agrale 13000 – drawing

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Format You get all formats when you buy the drawing.

Agrale E 13 results. Separate layer with solids for the body color, windows, headlights, wheels etc. Agrale motorcycles were based on Cagiva models. Search Results The Side Bar shows the search term, the number of found items and additional Filter options.


Archived from the original on In mid the company had invested more than 12 million dollars in our country, employing 56 people directly between their productive and administrative activities. By default we show the Product Details, but you can change to a List that shows a table with the principal info. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Tractors include both self-developed models, and ones based on Zetor designs.

This page was last edited on 26 Decemberat Agrale 6×2 vehicle outlines Agrale 6×2 get outlines Agrale 6×2 signelements Agrale 6×2 vecteezy Agrale 6×2 mr clipart Agrale 6×2 ccvision Agrale 6×2 art station. Additional Filters are shown with all the data contained in all the products, according to the Search Result. The trucks were also manufactured in alcohol and gasoline versions, using the four-cylinder engine GM Opal. Agrale now offers a competent security and comfort, therefore, developed a wide range of chassis and Rear Engine Advanced, low-floor low entry or semi-low which ensures greater accessibility for people with reduced mobility.

Exhibition Exhibition You can choose how the results should be listed. Your purchases and invoices How to purchase vector drawings Example files. Vector notes All car drawings are in 1: Agrale also assembled International trucksa brand acquired by NC2 Group brand.

This way you can reduce the number of results and bring exactly what you need to see. After finishingit recorded a record in its local production more than units in its Mercedes plant installed more than 10 years ago in the province of Buenos Aires and with a record also in its turnover in sales, Agrale Argentina, manufacturer of trucks, buses and tractors.


In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Cross Reference 2TG X.

Caminhão Agrale Caçamba | Agrale SA | Flickr

It is possible to compare side-by-side the products details, just select two or more 1300 and click the Compare Button. Lintec also sells Ruggerini and Lombardini engines alongside its own Agrale brand m, mw, etc. Cross Reference 2TG Agrale manufactured overmotorcycles from and Agrale 6×2 bestickering Agrale 6×2 belettering Agrale 6×2 autobelettering Agrale 6×2 agrals Agrale 6×2 autobeschriftung Agrale 6×2 werbegrafik Agrale 6×2 werbebeschriftung Agrale 6×2 fahrzeugwerbung Agrale 6×2 marquages publicitaires.

Agrale currently assembles heavy and light Internationals, a partnership that began in trucks and ended in with 43, units produced, which was mounted the first truck International 1000. Later alliances included Deutz-Fahrwhen they built some tractors and trucks under the Agrale-Deutz name, and later with Zetor. Vector drawing sets Request a drawing.

Agrale E | Products Nakata

Agralepreviously called AGRISA, is a Brazilian manufacturer of military vehicles, commercial vehicles, engines and agricultural tractors. Agrale 6×2 outlines Agrale 6×2 templates Agrale 6×2 CAD drawings Agrale 6×2 blueprints Agrale 6×2 line drawings 1300 6×2 signwriter drawings Agrale 6×2 vinyl template Agrale 6×2 clip art Agrale 6×2 vinyl graphics Agrale 6×2 foil template.

All car drawings are in 1: