After Capitalism. A presentation of the main points of the book by David Schweickart Schweickart’s ‘Successor System Theory’. □ It should be concrete . After Capitalism by David Schweickart (Rowman & Littlefield, Lanham, MD, ) pages, $70 hardcover, $ paperback. ARE TODAY’S MOVEMENTS. Liberal, democratic capitalism as the end of history? Not necessarily. After Capitalism argues that there are forces developing in the world today that might.

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Some will find him too much of an apologist for the Marxist tradition. The only system in history in which economic behavior is primarily conditioned by a market has been capitalism. After Capitalism is a book full of hope for the critics of capitalism and a book which must be read by all socialists.

But Marx worked out his concepts to arrive at conclusions about how we can expect the system to develop. What can guarantee that firms are run democratically?

The only mass activity Schweickart mentions in his transition scenarios is the experience gained by workers in running cooperatives. Counterproject, Successor-System, Revolution 1. He was Visiting Professor of Mathematics at the Univ. The negative association of central planning to failed Soviet-style authoritarian systems must certainly be faced. I loved how concise and readable this book is too–in that sense it’s very much like the Communist Manifesto quoted.

This language, in which leaders and activists design and construct the system for a generally passive population, reflects the general spirit of the book. David Schweickart born is an American mathematician and philosopher.


Jan 24, Solidarity rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: For the full review, go to carldavidson. If you’ve ever wondered whether we can do better than capitalism, read this book!

The courses all had something to do with ethics and with political economy.

David Schweickart’s “After Capitalism”

Every once in a while, he will withhold an objection that will crop up in your mind if you are paying attention. Wage labor would be eliminated — while maintaining intact a system of competing private firms — by establishing one-person-one-vote democratic management within each firm.

Paperback1stpages. Short of an extraordinary set of circumstances, it will never happen. Private savings may favid and be channeled into consumer loans, but the social role of private finance will be small, because capital investment is socialized.

David Schweickart’s ‘After Capitalism’

Feb 06, Gregory Ardison-Gardner rated it it was amazing. Economic Instability, Environmental Degradation, Democracy 5. This is not the place for a complete critique of market socialism. Schweickart is envisioning capitalusm economy of locally based firms of modest size whose competitive behavior is consistent with a concern for their home communities and the general public welfare.

He was Loyola’s Faculty Member of the Year in A society may have some of these features without others, in which case it is not capitalist.

Surely a post-Marxist theorist of economic systems ought to address whether this feature of market production can ever be consistent with democratic forms of economic development, or point out to dwvid why it can now be transcended.


To begin his critique of capitalism, Schweickart defines it as a capjtalism consisting of three basic components: Indeed, he gave me After Capitalism on the occasion of my most recent birthday. What’s wrong with the present system?

After Capitalism (New Critical Theory)

David Schweickart was my favorite professor in the philosophy program at Loyola University Chicago. Press Spanish ed. Plant Conversion to Save Workers and the Planet.

Schweickart is quite categorical about the consequences of democratic management. No trivia or quizzes yet.

Profit is shared by the workers. This article needs additional citations for verification. Contents Counterproject SuccessorSystem Revolution. A new, humane direction for socioeconomic dynamics is then determined by deriving it from this structure.

This language, in which leaders and activists design and construct the system for a generally passive population, reflects the general capitalismm of the book. Investment in plant and equipment is to be funded by means of a tax on the value of existing structures, actually a kind of lease on fixed capital which may not be privately ownedpaid by firms to the state. In Marxist terms, he has not confronted the notion that exchange value — a price system — depends on a social process by which all forms of human labor are reduced to a commensurable, quantifiable abstraction.

Oct 03, Chris rated it it was amazing Shelves: