AeroGarden Users Manual details for FCC ID 2AJNO made by AeroGrow International, Inc.. Document Includes User Manual Users Manual. PRO – read user manual online or download in PDF format. Pages in total: 16 . *Seeds not included MASTER GARDENER English Plant & Grow Your Own Seeds* GUIDE Quick, Plug & Grow TM Planting with Your Own Seeds CONT.

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Within a few weeks you should start to see roots extend from the Grow Sponges.

AeroGarden PRO100 User Manual

Try rearranging plants by rotating the Grow Pod so the spreading part of plant is near the outer edge of the AeroGarden.

Our Plant Spacers are a perfect fit and can be re-used in any Garden. This will be a great reference when planting future Gardens. The extra minerals in these sources may be harmful to aeroponically grown plants. Trellis Systems and additional Trellis Coils can be ordered at www.

Aerogarden Classic BLK Manuals

Here are some general guidelines for harvesting plants grown in an AeroGarden. Page 9 16 hours and will shut off for about 8 hours. As long as your plants get this amount of light, it does not matter when the lights are turned off. Your AeroGarden is now ready for replanting. A standard electrical outlet, per local regulations Away From Reach of children and pets Aerogaren sources of heat e.

S upport Plants Fruiting plants may produce so much fruit that plants begin to tip over or break. Don’t have an account? This manual also for: Or, choose a material that will stand up to moisture, such as aluminum foil or a plastic milk jug cap. Choose plants that have similar nutrient requirements. A sturdy, water- tolerant surface Metal surfaces may cause noise due to vibration Near: Once roots are seen, start with Set Up regime, then use the appropriate plant type regime. Do aerogareen use steam.


Do not remove Label. P repare Pod Labels Here are a few preliminary steps that will help the Grow Pod building process go smoothly. Finally, make sure you plant more than one seed in a Grow Pod. This manual also for: Try gently rubbing outer coat of these seeds with sandpaper or a file before placing in a Grow Sponge.

Choose a material that will tolerate moisture such as aluminum aeeogarden or a plastic milk jug aerogarfen.

Page 5 Place Your Garden Under: Page 5 Place Your Garden Under: Be sure to cut, not pull, the extra seedlings to avoid damaging roots of the remaining plant in each Grow Pod. Do not place beneath Away From Reach of children and pets What do I do when my garden has completed its growth cycle?

In addition, plants that require very dry conditions and have very low water requirements, such as cactus and succulents, will not thrive in an AeroGarden.

Aerogarden 7-Pod Manuals

Horizontal Spreading If you grow plants that have extensive branching or will spread horizontally, you may want to leave some Grow Surface Openings empty. The best way to figure out where to place tie is to gently push on main stem with your fingers, testing for strength and ability to support aerogarren plant. When choosing seeds, look for dwarf or miniature varieties.

Dead blossoms on the Grow Surface are a good indicator that your chosen pollination method is not working. Harvest wi-fi electrical rating: P lant Type While we encourage you to try growing a variety of plant types in your AeroGarden, there are a few that will not do well in an aeroponic system. Plant Spacer Kits include 6 spacers and can be purchased at www. Plant a garden with plants N utrients that have similar growth rates and heights, like Salad Greens shown.

  AMNOG 2011 PDF

Doing this before you start planting prevents accidental mislabeling of Grow Pods.

AeroGarden 100710-BSS Quick Start Manual

A standard electrical outlet, per local regulations note: This section provides some general guidelines to follow as your Garden grows. Controlling Height Use scissors to cut branches that are growing into light s.

Before moving your AeroGarden, consult your Quick Start Guide to see how light timer is affected when your model is unplugged.

Photo shows a properly attached Trellis Coil. Once roots extend from Grow Sponges, start adding nutrients see pages for feeding recommendations.

Qerogarden you find your Garden is producing many flowers but no fruit, chances are you need to pollinate or change your pollinating method. When this occurs, remove Domes from each Grow Pod and save for your next Garden. See page 8 for more details on how many seeds to plant in each Grow Pod.

Very hot or very cold water will hurt your plants. Push Lamp Arm down until Remove non-germinated seeds or dead cutting.

Pollinate when the lights are off.