course of time both actions became known as “the” aedilitian remedies and were routinely available. See id. at By restitution, in this. Remedies The aedilitian remedies are the actio redhibitoria and the action quanti minoris. The purchaser may set the contract aside and claim restitutio in. Buyer’s Remedies for Latent Defects in the Merx These delictual remedies are called aedilitian remedies namely; actio redhibitoria and actio quanti.

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It need not be expressed in South Africa currency; if it is not, however, then in some convertible foreign currency.

Since eemedies is contrary to the common-law position and, indeed, to logicthe significant types of contracts with the character of aediligian sale, and subject to suspensive conditions, have been covered by legislative amendments, so that the anomaly does not apply. In ordinary circumstances the buyer is responsible for the price, but payment by a third party either on behalf of the debtor, or as surety or co-debtor also discharges the obligation.

Should a seller mala fide fail to transfer ownership, the buyer has an action ex empto for transfer of ownership, as soon as he discovers the true position.

In South African law, the measure of relief is usually the difference between the actual purchase price and the value of the article remediws its defective state.

The seller has to be given adequate notice to fulfil his obligation to protect the buyer’s possession.

You can request verification for native languages by completing a simple application that takes only a couple of minutes. Since the sale is subject to the examination and approval of the buyer, the operation of the sale is suspended until the buyer’s approval has been expressed.


What are aedilitian remedies

He may have broken his warranty against eviction, or his obligation to take care of the goods until delivery [ Where the sale involves a res venditaconsisting of a number of articles, and one or more of them is defective, the quanti minoris relief exists only in respect of the defective articles.

This section considers legal consequences of the contract of sale, along with those of conditional sales, which modify the usual consequences. In South African law today, the definition of a contract of sale remains virtually the same. This does not, however, include fortuitous gains. If the res is unascertained, the seller must make it available at his place of business; if he has no place of business, then at his residence. But it does seem sensible to use another form of words that would be applicable both to civil-law and to common-law contexts.

Where the res vendita comprises unascertained goods, the seller must appropriate them to the contract and ensure that the quantity and description and quality of the goods thus appropriated are in accordance with the terms of the contract. But if a slave was sold in contravention of the foregoing or in contravention of what was stated or promised when he was being sold [ A Roman Law term.

Although parties to a sale usually contemplate this happening, it is not an essential feature of a contract of sale, and as we have seen sales by non-owners are permissible. Bruises heal themselves in just a few days without treatment.

acciones edilicias

This is certainly his most important duty. They must either fix the amount of that price in their contract or agree upon some external standard by the application whereof it will be possible to determine the price aedilitan further reference to them.


The seller must make the thing sold available at the place agreed upon in the contract. Where the seller has not taken due care, the remedies available depend on whether the goods are specific or unascertained. The buyer is obliged, however, to inform the seller of the defect, and to tender a return of the thing plus accessories, appurtenances and fruits.

In a cash sale, ownership passes once there has been in addition to delivery due payment of the purchase price.

acciones edilicias | Spanish to English | Law (general)

Automatic update in Paleodeserts, large sand seas now inactive because they are stabilized by vegetation, extend well beyond the present margins of core deserts, such as the Sahara. It involves multiple causes, and it proceeds at varying rates in different climates. In areas of sand dunes, covering the dunes with large boulders or petroleum will interrupt the wind regime near the face of the dunes and prevent the sand from moving.

Sand that manages to pass through the grass belts can be caught in strips of trees planted as wind breaks 50 to meters apart adjacent to the belts. What are aedilitian remedies?

A seller is also liable for latent defects in the merx in terms of the aedilitian actions. Most of its significant effects in practice have been ameliorated by legislation. Performance other than of what is due called substituted performance, or datio in solutum may be rendered if the creditor consents; if he does consent, and the payment is so rendered, the obligation is validly discharged. The relevant points may be summarised as follows:.