Adalbert Stifter’s rapt and enigmatic tale, beautifully translated by Elizabeth Mayer life— Rock Crystal opens up into a tale of almost unendurable suspense . by Adalbert Stifter, introduction by W.H. Auden, translated from the German by I think of Rock Crystal it tells of two children, brother and sister, lost in a. Stifter’s novella Rock Crystal, the story of two children lost in a snow storm on Christmas eve, is a spiritually symbolic work of pristine.

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Paperback76 pages. All the more so considering the author’s tormented adult life and eventual suicide. It feels epic in length but concise in delineation, a work of real artistry.

sdalbert Turtle Gyre Animation 27 Feb, Thomas Mann, the Nobel Prize winning German writer from the 20th century was an admirer of Stifter and this particular work. It is true that everything is in flux in this world ruled by utter chaos.

It’s also a fine book to give to someone as a gift. And that’s why I can’t wait to get back to it. On their journey home, they take a wrong turn and are feared lost in a snowstorm.

What sustains everyone alive? There was a problem adding your email address. Obviously, his own character was one that could not overcome this perception regarding his own inadequacies. Fast delivery and a great drystal.

Rock Crystal by Adalbert Stifter

It’s the essence of the book, really, as Stifter, through translators Elizabeth Mayer and Marianne Moore, engages in some stellar nature descriptions of addalbert glacier, the snow, the mountains, a cave, crystap the nighttime sky.


Byatt’s Dijin in the Nightingale’s Eye as an outstanding short work of literature with reference to the parable style. To enjoy the book, you have to slow down your reading at the glacier. Amazon Renewed Refurbished products with a warranty.

Adalbert Stifter: Rock Crystal | Asylum

Ships from and sold by Amazon. Our tastes in food, music, and rcystal are good examples of this, not to mention our specific needs for sex and meaningful relationships. Or an Apple store. Not so much exciting as quaint and contemplative. Rock Crystal Adalbert Stifter No preview available – What comes next is not entirely surprising, and eventually on every side was nothing but a blinding whiteness, white everywhere that nonetheless drew its ever narrowing circle about them, paling beyond into fog that came down adapbert waves, devouring and shrouding everything till there was nothing but the voracious snow.

Lo stesso Stifter, che insegnava fisica e matematica al figlio del principe Metternich, presso il quale abitava, si dilettava in pittura. Notify me of new comments via email.

It is unlike any Christmas tale you’ve ever read, no doubt, and Goethe would be proud as would Thoreau and Emerson, probably. You zip through it, soaking up every paragraph–sometimes going back to marvel at a particularly well-done passage or turn-of-phrase. This a crystak, subtle religious metaphor. Liked the steady build-up of tension, the simple descriptions of every day life in a mountain village and of the gorgeous scenery.

Before the children are even introduced, Stifter spends a third of his novella setting his scene, detailing both Gschaid and Millsdorf in painstaking, painterly detail. Providence led the children to a safe spot with no ice and enclosed from the elements just as it got dark.


That’s how I know. I read the introduction. One unusually warm Christmas Eve two children set out on the path from the northward valley, through pine forest and over the pass, to visit their grandmother in the valley to the south.

Rock Crystal

Jul 19, Ken rated it liked it Shelves: Suspend, then, and appreciate the tale on its own level. Would you like to tell us about a lower price? Facebook Twitter Flipboard Stifetr.

Adalbert Stifter’s rapt and enigmatic tale, beautifully crystao by Elizabeth Mayer and Marianne Moore, explores what can be found between Christmas Eve and Christmas Day—or on any night of the year. Rock Crystal is a religious parable of natural, proto-transcendentalist beauty. Yet Thomas Mann came closer to the true experience of reading Rock Crystal when he praised Stifter as ‘one of the most extraordinary, the most enigmatic, the most secretly daring and the most strangely gripping narrators in world literature.

I had the best of intentions. But two children, the fruit of a strained cross-village marriage, spend a sobering night lost on the mountain, bringing the two hamlets together in their common quest to recover the children. The story is as cloying as a Thomas Kinkade painting, but the long beautiful passages about the ice fields are hymns.

Stiftwr Crystal, though not overtly theological, I would say has a Roman Catholic world view. Don’t read the introduction that gives away too much of the story.