Results 1 – 48 of Free Shipping on many items across the worlds largest range of Repair Manuals & Literature for Acura TSX. Find the perfect Christmas gift. Free PDF Downloads for all Engine sizes and models for Acura TSX. Acura TSX Service Repair Manual. Free Download and View Online PDF. This Manual Offers you Explicit Service and repair data for your Acura.

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Then rotate it counterclockwise about three full turns until the arrow mark on the label points straight up. Disconnect right side air bag connector from SRS floor harness. Raise the front of vehicle, and support it with safety stands in the proper locations. Engines in the book include 2. Remove upper steering column cover. Apply power steering fluid to the surface of the special tool. Access left rear impact sensor and check for poor connection between SRS left floor harness connector and left rear impact sensor.

Buckle left front seat belt. Are the lines deformed? Hi Everyone- New to the group. Erpair not keep the shut-off valve closed more than 5 seconds or the pump could be damaged by over-heating.

If air bag deploys, wait 30 minutes to allow air bag to cool ,anual removing and disposing of complete air bag module.

Slide headliner rearward, releasing headliner from frame.

Then slide the NEW valve seal ring C over the shaft and in the groove on the pinion shaft. Disconnect electrical connectors and remove instrument cluster.


Activate air bag system. Just purchased a TSX. System includes dual-stage driver-side air bag, dual-stage passenger-side air bag, driver and front passenger side air bags, side curtain air bags, rear, side and front impact sensors, cable reel, seat belt pretensioners, Occupant Position Detection System OPDSand SRS unit with internal safing. Disconnect the connector A. All books Ships next day, and sometimes depending on the time or the day it will be same day, but never later then one day.

Replace appropriate wire harness. Written for dealership mechanics, this wiring diagram shows you how to follow the wiring from bumper-to-bumper.

Acura TSX Workshop Manual PDF

If you cannot get to the wire side of the connector or the wire side is sealed Adisconnect the connector and probe the terminals B from the terminal side. Apply vinyl tape or equivalent material A to the brake lines to protect them from the pinion shaft. Acura Leather Owner’s Manual Holder. All Auction Buy It Now. Carefully move the steering gearbox as an assembly toward the driver’s side of the vehicle until the pinion shaft clears the wheelwell opening.

If air bag or pretensioner is installed in vehicle, follow appropriate removal procedure.

Acura TSX Repair Manual Online | Chilton DIY

This manual cover sections on Body Electrical. Separate the cylinder end seal from the special tool, then remove the special tool. Disconnect rear power socket. Pull on the steering joint to make sure the steering joint is fully seated.

Hold the steering pump in a vise with soft jaws C. Loosely connect the return line and manyal line by hand securely. Disconnect negative battery cable. Check that the pump turns smoothly by turning the pulley. For sale a used but in very mwnual condition owner’s manual rrpair a Acura TSX. Disconnect side air bag connector from SRS floor harness connector before disconnecting side impact sensor connector. Drain the power steering fluid from the reservoir. The control unit receives tsxx from each sensor.


Install the front suspension subframe left mid mount A. Enter the anti-theft codes for the radio and the navigation system, then enter the customer’s radio station presets. Cover the opening of the pump with a piece of tape to prevent foreign material from entering the pump. Turn ignition on, and check whether other indicator lights come on or not brake system, etc.

Acufa Yellow alligator clips of deployment tool to uninsulated wire ends. Installation To install, reverse removal procedure. Tighten the cylinder end to the specified torque. Air bag assemblies become very hot when deployed. If resistance is more than one ohm, replace side curtain air bag subharness. If all of them are not set to complete, the vehicle may fail the emission test, or the test cannot be finished.

Pull up on areas of center console, release hooks at front of console and remove center console. It will help you understand connector configurations, and locate and identify circuits, relays, and grounds.

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