NOTE: The original AA1 POH is not legal to use due to later revisions. The Gulfstream American version is the latest and the LEGAL one to use. Original. MODEL AA5B TIGER. TABLE OF CONTENTS airplane was delivered, it was equipped with a Pilot’s Operating Handbook, engine operator’s manual, weight. AA1 POH · AA1A POH · AA1B POH · AA1B WITH DMA AUX FUEL POH · AA1C POH · AA5 POH · AA5A Cheetah POH · AA5B Tiger ( – ) POH.

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I have two versions of the AA5B handbook. Sep 26, Messages: One parameter that is not usually addressed is best range.

POH | Grumman Pilots Association

Northern New Mexico Display Name: PilawtJun 23, The tables from the manual were simply entered into a spreadsheet and plotted. Anyone know where a POH is online so i can review procedures and speeds? Can’t imagine why the POH numbers would differ from ’75 to ‘ Data for the ‘s and ‘s should not be substantially different. Melville Byington and Russ Erb wrote articles on this topic over twenty years ago, and David Rogers more recently, but their results still don’t seem to be widely used.


Shorter takeoff and landing distances, faster airspeeds, etc. Once this number is known, the pilot can easily get the required indicated airspeed, and fly that speed at any altitude to maximize his range. Those parameters are given at the standard temperature for each pressure altitude; i. Jan 1, Messages: Your name or email address: Otherwise I don’t know of any reason for performance numbers of Tigers built during the ’70s being different from one another.

Yes, my password is: They are graphic, so that intermediate values are available without the need to use that now cheap electronic calculator for interpolation. You must log in or sign up to reply here.

Grumman American AA5 POH

Log in or Sign up. There is no difference in airplane performance. For the Traveler, the POH takeoff and landing charts are so sparse that they are not graphed here.

For lighter weights, performance is better in all parameters. The manufacturer’s tables give figures for airspeed miles per hour and fuel burn gallons per hour.

Grumman Pilots Association

The later one is labeled for years and speeds are in both MPH and kts. These charts were compiled from data for the series only.


Jun 27, Messages: So the manuals have performance listed in tables that help the pilot avoid having to calculate density altitude. ChemGuyJun 23, Dave TheisenJun 23, I agree with Pilawt. They are derived directly from POH data.

Do you already have an account? Guys, I am trying to get checked out in a ’75 AA5B this weekend. Dowagiac, MI Display Name: Rogers makes the same point in his excellent series on technical flying. One which was sold as representing 75 and 76 models although it is not dated is in MPH. Qa5b 5, Messages: Feb 23, Messages: At Grumman speeds, this is the same as calibrated airspeed.

Posted fuel burn for the Cheetah is different at ‘ DA than for higher altitudes. AA5 Traveler Cruise Performance.

Data are given for the airplane at maximum gross weight. I have contacted a few “experts” about the discrepancy, but nobody has come up with an explanation for it. I found a 77 online but I also saw some info that speeds and such may be different between a 75 and