A political history of post-Kassite Babylonia, B.C (Analecta Orientalia) [ J. A Brinkman] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In there was published in J CS 16 “A Preliminary Catalogue of Written Sources for a Political History of Babylonia: B.c.” wherein the Author. A political history of post-Kassite Babylonia: B. C.. J. A Brinkman Published in in Roma by Pontificium institutum biblicum. Services. Reference.

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Because the surface of the tablet is badly damaged at this point, readings are only tentative.

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I wish to express my gratitude to the authorities and staff of several museums for permission to examine documents in their collections and for their cooperation and assistance. A text probably coming from the time of Nabopolassar and describing that king’s war with Assyria refers to Sennacherib’s looting of Babylon Gerardi, AfO 33 []: Babylon under Kassite rulers, who renamed the city Karanduniashre-emerged as a political and military power in Mesopotamia. Retrieved 25 July Most of the documents of the post-kaasite come from the cities and thus the hands of Akkadians.

About additional lexical elements post-ksssite be gained by the analysis of the more numerous anthroponyms, toponyms, theonyms, and horse names used by the Kassites see Balkan,passim; Jaritz, is to be used with caution. Parr on the reliability of ‘our interpretations of the evidence gained from current surface surveys in Man, Settlement and Urbanism, edited by P. Some may have been boys to be educated in a proper pro- Assyrian attitude, with the intention that they would one day assume positions of authority in Babylonia.

AThurbtnipal, king of Assyria, and lirapgn.

Thus it is clear that he was an important and prominent leader, possibly the head of the BIt-YakIn tribe and governor of the Sealand since these two offices sometimes overlapped; however, there is no direct evidence which records the position Nabfi-suma-iskun held or the date Nabu-zer-kitti-llsir became governor of the Sealand.


Braun-Holzinger in Curtis, Bronzeworking Centres, pp. In many cases, it is no longer possible to determine who is lf responsible for any particular idea or suggestion. ABLa letter from the governor of Nippur to the king of Assyria, states that the brothers of the king of Elam had tried to persuade the latter to attempt to remove the Chaldeans from Assyrian control lines ; read LU kal-di in lines 10 and 12 [collated].

A political history of post-Kassite Babylonia, B.C. in SearchWorks catalog

Although we may assume that only important officials and individuals would have corresponded directly with the king, we can rarely be certain exactly what official position was held by any such individual. The fate of Musezib-Marduk and his family after being taken to Assyria is not known but the statue of Marduk was to remain absent from Babylon for twenty years, making the performance of the rituals of the New Year’s festival impossible.

London, New York, and San Francisco, Die Fragmente der griechischen Historiker. BM was found in the area of the temple of Marduk at Babylon and BM and in a room of the temple of Nabu at Borsippa; see ibid, and Reade, Iraq 48 A person or persons by the name of Sillaya Assyrian: Editions C, D, E, H, and K of Ashurbanipal’s annals and Ashurbanipal’s tablet inscription from the IStar temple at Nineveh are poorly preserved and require new editions; they will not generally be cited in this study unless they provide information not contained in better preserved editions.

Historical Prism Inscriptions of Ashurbanipal, Volume 1: No major rebellions broke out in Babylonia during the king’s reign, but despite his numerous efforts to win the support of the Babylonian people several local or minor disturbances did occur. Die bisherigen Ergebnisse der deutschen Ausgrabungen.

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Hymnen und Gebete an Nebo. The only oplitical considered worthy of mention in the chronicles for this period were the following: Oriental Institute Publications Reuther suggests that the layers of sand and clay represent the abandonment of the area following the city’s capture by Sennacherib. Full text of ” Babylonia For a few of these, see figs.


In order to distinguish the nistory of the god from the name of the city, Assur will be used for the god and Assur for the city. Texts from Cuneiform Sources, Labat, R.

Where hkstory, the archaeological evidence for individual buildings and building projects will be presented in the body of this study. The Might That Was Assyria.

Still, Esarhaddon does appear to have had to leave the court. No clear details are known Except that he helped bring Nippur to sad straits and that one or more Igovemors of Nippur aided him.

The Elamites settled Nabu-usallim with the Targibatu and gave him several tribes on the border of Na’id-Marduk’ s domain pist-kassite that he could use their territories as bases from which to launch operations against the Sealand.

Perhaps it was to deal with Sillaya’s actions, although there is no other evidence to connect him bistory Samele. The “master” of these “non- Babylonians” may well have been Samas-ibni and their “crimes” the seizure of land at Babylon. In general, it pist-kassite the Chaldean tribes, and in particular the Bit-Yakin rulers of the Sealand, who tended to oppose the Assyrians at this time. State Archives of Assyria.

Pilitical was reported that this man had sent 10 For possible support at Uruk, see he following note. Priest and Temple in Hellenistic Babylonia. It is likely that some individuals whom we assume to have been Akkadians were in post-kassiite Arameans or Chaldeansthat is individuals who had taken Akkadian names and who have simply not been identified as members of a particular Aramean or Chaldean tribe in the text s mentioning them.

Mioosing or examining something, perhaps levying troops; the reason for his action is unknown.