78L15A 3-terminal Regulators Description. Datasheet, Download 78L15A datasheet. Quote ZM2BG79W: xmm DOME LENS SMD CHIP LED LAMP. Returns accepted if product not as described, buyer pays return shipping fee; or keep the product & agree refund with seller. View details. Seller Guarantees. 78L15A, 3-Terminal Regulators. List of Unclassifed Manufacturers List of Unclassifed Man 78L15AC, The Linear ICs Three-Terminal Low Current Positive.

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[5szt] IC Stabilizator +15V 100mA 78L15A SMD-SO8 MOTOROLA

It is this consistency which enables Oxygen to continually improve our levels of customer satisfaction. So it is possible to “copy” the layout from the image.

These are vintage Molex connectors not used anymore since the 80s probably. One of the most difficult and expensive parts to source was until recently the CEM envelope generator IC. So I desoldered all transistors and and the FETs. The author of this tutorial states that you are exposed to low voltage. For our best services,and good quality, We have got their trust support. Nothing to be worried about so far. Our proprietary data and data systems enable our staff to understand Pricing trends, historical availability, and a myriad of other factors ensuring we can always negotiate the best pricing!

The Oberheim OBX synthesizer is one of the most sought after vintage analog synths.

We expand actively domestic and international market, understand highly the market changes,in gradually vigorous market competition, the enterprise scope have been expanded continuously, our net-selling are all over the domestic, and now we are expanding the international market We attach smv to the technique ,and observe the market change, have the ample sale experience, we have our own stock with large quantities, at the same time we have built up a cooperate net with the factories and Agents in USA, Europe, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, etc.


Also after hours spend searching why the VCO is not oscillating I reached the point where I had to investigate the component level. The look fine but I spotted one small mistake. Powered by Hong Kong Inventory Limited. This project is to recreate the sdm voice card and eventually develop a drop-in solution for vintage OBX but also OBXa synthesizers. The boards will probably arrive next month. I will compare them as soon as I receive the prototype PCBs. Please try again later. Today the prototype PCBs and some other components arrived.


First I started with the VCO section. The next challenge was to wire everything up to test it.

I hope they do work as the originals. After tuning the VCOs and some other initial calibration I was finally ready to make a little demo see below for video demonstration. Exclusive Access to Electronic Component Inventories: The PCB creation was straight forward.

Because I do not own a OBX nor a single voice-card I had to work with 78l115a material available on the internet. The member registration is currently not possible.

The breadboard and a dedicated PSU connect directly to the voice card. Our stated company goals are to continually improve servicemeet ISO Quality Certificationand implement innovative tools like Brokerlynx to protect you from substandard product quality and counterfeit parts while ensuring full traceability on all transactions! And if you are just curious, use our Part Search features! Our proprietary U-Shaped Process integrates every aspect of a transaction, including outside partnersto ensure that the job is done right, while minimizing your vendor database.

Eliminate Procurement Problems Process: Looking ahead I will come up with a solution to replace them. Lets work together for the electronic development We can provide the ssmd parts1.


Although we take great care about our tutorials neither the 78k15a nor obsoledo takes any responsibility for insuries, false information or any damage caused by this tutorial. And I was lucky that I did not stuff and solder the entire board because there were a couple of errors on the board layout. This was challenging because I first had to figure out what voltages are needed at each of the control inputs. I did a small prototype run first to see if the board has no errors.

So the first information I gathered was the schematics, some photos and I was lucky to also find the original PCB layout.

MC8L15A MC78L15A 8L15A 78L15A

After replacing the transistors I finally had two working VCOs. Life Support for the Procurement Process. After doing some analysis the cause could be rooted to out of specs components produced by Central Semiconductors. You can download our educational brochure on how to spot counterfeiting and the very latest list of counterfeited parts from Brokerlynx.

This will help to spot errors which then can be corrected in the layout. I got some of the first prototypes of the IC. In some cases the PCB layout was blurry or covered by some of the components. The PCB layout data was send to a manufacturer and is now being shipped. The image shows how I arranged the controls. The sound is legendary.