Tube or Röhre ID, Triode, vacuum, Nuvistor and Universal shown. Radio tubes are valves. Find great deals for NOS Vacuum Tube Jan RCA Nuvistor. Shop with confidence on eBay!. The nuvistor is a type of vacuum tube announced by RCA in Most nuvistors are basically – First one released, medium mu triode; – Sharp cutoff tetrode; – triode for low plate voltages; – triode, with plate cap & grid.

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Mullard describe the valve as a high-slope RF pentode primarily intended for use in wideband amplifiers in telephone carrier systems, radar equipment and measuring equipment.

7586 NOS Vacuum Tube Jan RCA Nuvistor

The rationale behind using a 9-pin envelope was that this allowed five pins usually pins 1, 3, 4, 6, and 9, evenly spaced around the base, and sometimes gold plated in later versions to be used to bring out the grid connection, keeping a very short and therefore low inductance connection to ground for this critical path in grounded-grid applications. Published in July There is plenty of Nuvistor data on the Internet.

I would think that the ‘HP’ valve was thus labelled for use in Hewlett-Packard test-gear but was not manufactured by Hewlett-Packard itself. The electromagnetic pulse EMP produced by a nuclear explosion is likely to disable any transistor stages of a radio and so just protecting the front end is probably not enough. It is interesting to note that the Collins RA valve-based radio, first used ‘in anger’ during the Korean War, was rushed back into US military service in the first Gulf War because many of the state-of-the-art solid state receivers with their transistor RF front-ends were failing due to the high static charges attributed to the desert heat, low humidity and sand storms!


By the 6CW4 was priced at 1 in a magazine costing 30p, so it was considerably cheaper in real terms by then. Click image for full datasheet The diagram above shows an extract from RCA’s datasheet for the 6CW4 showing the physical construction and dimensions.

Nuvistor – Wikipedia

The first commercial field-effect transistors FETs also came out in Along with low noise and low power this is a key reason why they have been used in microphones, and also in high-quality audio pre-amplifiers.

The schematic of the 6CW4 grounded-cathode pre-amplifier in the July issue of Practical Television. You can see the insulated lead spreader at the base.

They could also be found as the first stage in the vertical or Y amplifiers of high-end oscilloscopes. Other applications included high-quality studio microphones, tape recorders, FM radio front ends, amateur radio equipment, and most significantly, military and space equipment. The B9A-based valves tended to have higher heater currents, nuvisor therefore dissipated higher power.

All the pins have a diameter of 0. Valve Competition to the Nuvistor By the late s high frequency valve technology was well advanced and had already passed the 1GHz operating frequency point.

I’ve also seen a socket suitable for PCB mounting, and some Nuvistor triodes with gold-plated cases. RCA even shipped Nuvistors in a special box at least in the early days – See picture above with the Nuvistor logo on it, rather than nuvisotr generic ‘RCA Electron Tube’ printed on most of their boxes.

All good trends, and counter-acting 758 some extent the big advantage of a transistor, that is, of needing no heater power at all. Nuvistors, being in the tube family, are high-impedance devices — circuit components are generally less expensive.

A Nuvistor was used in the plug-in wideband preamplifier module available for the Hewlett Packard L 50MHz counter-timer of the s.


Making nuvistors requires special equipment, since there is no intubation to pump gases out of the envelope. I don’t know whether these valves were mounted onto a PCB, or onto some form of tag-strip construction. Twelve pins hence the ‘Twelvar’ name of the base protrude through the ceramic base, some of which are ‘long’ and form the connections to the heater, cathode, grid, anode and screen grid if fitted electrodes, and some are ‘short’ and barely protrude.

The diagram above shows an extract from RCA’s datasheet for the 6CW4 showing the physical construction and dimensions. These all-numeric valve codes can be very misleading! Nuvistor Internals Inside view of a 6CW4, after a narrow ring of the case had been ground away so that it could be lifted clear.

NOS Tube Store: RCA Nuvistor

There is some evidence that Marconi tried Nuvistors in the front end of the prototype Clansman radio. At first sight the fact that a new valve technology appeared in is surprising: Although mica is a very good insulator and capable of withstanding the high temperatures inside valves, it is brittle and can be a source of failure if the mica discs de-laminate or splinter.

Although valves continue to be used in specialised applications, e. Make sure you have a source for the socket, otherwise you’ll struggle to connect to the tiny leads! Nuvistors have very low inter electrode nhvistor and transit times which means they are usable at VHF and low UHF frequencies, where they considerably out performed the transistors then available.

Amateur Equipment Many professionally-built equipment for the amateur bands used Nuvistors.