Zanussi ZOB 5. 50 WL, ZOB 5. XL Instruction Manual in English. COM Router Passwords. A complete list of usernames and passwords for 3. Access Control List (ACL) support, DHCP server, DoS attack prevention, MAC address filtering, NAT support, PAT support, SNTP support, Stateful Packet. HPE Networking – Using Networking Lookup Tool to Download Firmware/ Wireless 11g Cable/DSL Router User Guide WL Part No.

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Check all of your settings. Connecting the Router to the Internet. Router to communicate with the Internet. Push for one second to perform a system reboot. Stack 3 Switch 3.

3Com Wireless 11g Cable/DSL Router – wireless router – 802.11b/g – desktop Series

Router A device that acts as a central hub by connecting to each computer’s network interface card and managing the data traffic between the local network and the Internet.

You may need to restart your computer before you attempt this. Frequently Asked Questions You can expand the number of connections available on your LAN by using hubs, switches and wireless access points connected to the Router. Firewall Parameter Defaults Description When hackers attempt to enter your network, we can alert you by email Your E-mail Enter your email address.

Hubs are similar to repeaters, in that they connect LANs of the same type; however they connect more LANs than a repeater and are generally more sophisticated. Page 83 Advanced Settings administration.

Ensure that one of your computers has a copy of the new software image file stored on its hard disk or available on CD-ROM. Nstalling The Router Alternatively, log onto www. Running The 3com Detect Application Then click Add, your selection will be added to the table. Click on this button to establish a manuao to the WAN. Rip 4 In the Version field, select 1 or 2. Figure 50 Firmware Upgrade Screen Please download the firmware file to your PC first, and then click Browse and select the firmware file.


Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. By manua, ‘print’ button you will print only current page. Push for 8 seconds to reset the Router to the factory default settings.

3Com WL – wireless router – b/g – desktop Overview – CNET

Connecting To The Internet Advanced Settings For a full list of ports and the services that run on them, see www. Author Write something about yourself.

Figure 53 Address Mapping Screen This feature limits the number of public IP addresses required from the ISP and also maintains the privacy and security of the local network. A WLAN is a group of computers and devices connected together by wireless in a relatively small area such as a house or office. Displays WAN connection type and status. Telephone Mqnual Support And Repair The radio button on the left hand side selects the key that is used in transmitting data.

3Com Network Card WL User Guide |

Feedback About This User Guide Ip Addresses And Subnet Masks In the modern business environment, communication and sharing information is crucial. Page 17 Physical Features 9 Reset Button The reset button allows you to reboot the Router, or to restore the default factory settings. Using The Rubber Feet The Internet Protocol Suite If you want to change that information or set up other connection, select your connetion type and click Next to set the detailed settings.


This product contains encryption.

Connecting To The Internet 6: Look another column to the right to find your 3. Wizard – Wireless Setting Cable Specifications The Router supports the following cable types and maximum lengths: If this resolves the problem consider relocating the wireless computer or the Router, or trying a different channel on the Router.

If you need to run applications that require multiple 3co, use the following screen to specify the additional public ports to be opened for each application. Wireless Security This feature prevents any non-authorized party from reading or changing your al over the wireless network. Firewall If you have a client PC that cannot run an Internet application properly from behind the firewall, you 3cpm open the client up to unrestricted two-way Internet access. Access Control The Router can be configured to restrict access to the Internet, email or other network services at specific days and times.

COM router model number.

You’ve found the password and username for your 3. If the server that you want to use is not listed in the drop-down menu, you manua, manually add the virtual server to the table.

Still can’t login to your 3. Don’t show me this message again.

To add a static route entry to the table, click Add. Table 5 for an example about how a network only four computers represented and a Router might be configured. Software is used only in connection with this 3Com product.