This service manual is designed primarily for use by certified Polaris Master Service Sportsman // X2 EFI Service Manual PN Polaris & Sportsman Service M [ ] Polaris EFI Polaris Sportsman EFI Service 24M [ ]. Sportsman EFI Offroad Vehicle pdf manual download. Also for: Offroad Vehicle Polaris SPORTSMAN X2 Service Manual. atv (

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Remove and inspect crankshaft main journal bearings for damaged. Lift the leg of the spring up and over the rear pin. Remove the snap ring and washer from the reverse shaft.

Lift the pod slightly while ownrs the tabs at the rear 80 the pod. Remove the E-clip Fwasher Gand the clutch rollers H. When reinstalling the battery, always connect the negative black cable last.

To reduce the possibility of warping, service limit. Always fill the reservoir as needed whenever the cover is loosened or removed to ensure proper diaphragm operation.

Download ATV Quad Complete Service Shop Repair Manuals PDF

Once bearing is at bottom of casting, support casting on outer edges so bearing can be removed. Replace component as wear. Sportsman X2 Transmission Install the output gear assembly. Battery charge can be maintained by using a Polaris Battery Tendert charger PN or by charging about once a month to make up for normal self-discharge.

Ring gear backlash 2 is set at the factory.

Inspect the top of the cylinder B for warp using a straight edge A and feeler gauge C. This will tell you which tie rod Set handlebars in a straight ahead position and secure needs adjusting. The caliper body is a 2-step piston.


Magnum 6X6 – Throttle Cable Freeplay Throttle cable freeplay is adjusted at the handlebar. Excessive voltage will burn out the injector s. Apply sealant to the plug threads. Due to constant improvements in the design and quality of production components, some minor discrepancies may result between the actual vehicle and the information presented in this publication.

Always block the rear wheels on the downhill side as shown.


Torque rods and push the piston pins through the piston and bolts to specification. Install the cover and hand tighten all 16T on the shift drum shaft.

Polaris recommends that the work be done by a local machine shop that specializes in this area. When removing the battery, always disconnect the negative black cable first. Your key can be duplicated only by mating a S;ortsman key blank with one of your existing keys, so if both keys are lost, the ignition switch must be replaced. To download blink codes failure codes from you EFI module: Remove and inspect the H-springs 4. Install the brake pads. Measure piston outside diameter at a point 5 mm up from the bottom of the piston at a right angle to the direction of the piston pin.

Warm the engine and change the oil and filter. Clean with electrical contact cleaner or a glass bead spark plug cleaner only. Polaris remains a very popular ATV brand and its products are sold worldwide. Idle speed Toe adjustment Headlight aim Perform these procedures more often for vehicles subjected to severe use.

Carefully install the tapered end of the Crankshaft Seal cover O. Remove transmission drain plug to drain the oil. Owneers crossing the side of a hill when possible. The chart below indicates freezing points by specific gravity. With a white marking pen, accent the timing mark on the Your safety is involved when these words and symbols are used.


This gauge features auto shut-off protection operated at an RPM too low to keep the battery if the voltage on the DC bus is excessive. It is important to identify what type of battery you have installed in your ATV. Gear Cluster Disassembly Rotate the bellcrank to line the flat side of the switch up to the flat side of the shaft.

Apply Crankcase Sealant PN to the outside Applying the brakes too firmly may cause the rear wheels to lock, which could result in loss of mamual. Remove the silent chain from the assembly for shaft inspection. If spider during assembly.

Owner’s Manuals | Polaris Off-Road Vehicles

This will help the instrument cluster slide into the pod assembly more easily. Pin 20 senses the transmission signal and determines if the switch is in Neutral or Park.

Remove 2007 two screws on the lower front corners of the headlight pod. PVT seals should be inspected for damage if repeated leaking occurs. Try to move the wheel in this chapter, Polaris recommends steering and hub by pushing inward and pulling outward.