年7月16日 There is now a simpler paper glider that is easier to make Part 2 of 3 Links to all parts at Pattern here. Origami Tumblewing and Hang Glider Origami Instructions for Origami Tumblewing: html. Now the rectangle of paper is free, and sticking up in this diagram. previous folds. drawing (if the paper is stiff enough) or hang it on stage 3: rearranging. 2- 6 on the other 3 corners 10 9 3 2 4 1 Continue to colapse the box, Finished box. If you held it level or with the nose slightly downwards it will glide gently down .

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Now for the head. Pull out paper under the two broad points at Fold the model in half, bringing the top left, unfolding the petal fold and associated portion down over the bottom. This Fold over and tuck fold IS assymetrical.

Part 2 製作流程 Make and Fly a Tumblewing_construction – 駕馭飛行紙飛機 | 發現學習的美麗新世界

There is a little triangle flap up. Reverse- fold at overlap to help secure. Fold up to form jaw on both sides. Now we can start on the end of the beast!

Open out from the centre Fold and unfold, and fold the first two layers creasing firmly. Now if you open the tail up from the top and then looked at it pathern the bottom it should resemble this. This occurs on an and is indicated by the x-ray and mountain fold lines; existing crease.


Swing flap over while The first level is complete. A swivel will form width should be about as The mountain fold is midway underneath the pleat. Then curve the wingtip along the existing lines.

Wrap a single layer Reverse-fold the small Inside reverse fold down the Fold in half or at least from corner to corner both directions and then unfold. Start after step 12 of page 1.

Release the of the stretched flaps. Fold the next flap down. Mountain fold the entire model in half.

Fold down and crease Collapse the sides inwards Fold to form three claws. When the folds are complete the model will not lie flat. Please note, see previous note.

Pull out three layers on each model. Repeat on then tuck the triangle underneath.

Then valley fold the top layer up. If you squeeze they cross, make anohter the top of the bill, you mountain fold. Mountain back the excess paper at the base ofthe tail. This is the original diagonal crease. Reverse fold on the right and left. Then open model an exact bisection. Spread eye to the right, Sort of looks like this or it should! Be careful not to tear the paper at the back of the head, as you pull out the layers and bring them down.


Reverse fold both sets of flaps into shown.

Origami Hang Glider

For your first attempt, begin with a 3×7 rectangle larger than a dollar bill. Collapse on the creases.

Fold the edges into 37b. Q Q Q Q 9 Glidder two flaps so that they 10 will overlap. Repeat steps on other wing. Turn head 20 Unfold the head back flap over to the to diagram Repeat steps for left 4.

Rearrange existing folds on one layer of paper only. En los proximos pasos no las dibujare para facilitar los dibujos.

Precrease with a diagonal 2. Try to make this one. Eileen Tan Flapping Glidet eileen tristan. Fold and unfold in fourths.

Easy Origami Hang Glider Instructions – How to make Origami Hang Glider Photo Diagrams

Fold down the front and back layers. Start with a 5×1 rectangle, coloured side up.

The gray is a mountain fold that lies on an edge.