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TM OPERATOR’S RECEIVER-TRANSMITTER (RT) (RT- Series) · RT Model Differences (Distinguishing Features)* · Figure The RT series of radio sets have been designed to survive the You should read the Operator’s Manual TM and be. Receiver-Transmitter (RT) (RTE). Figure Vehicular Radio Components TM Figure SINCGARS Radio Components

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Figure 2. Radio Receiver-Transmitter RTE(C)/U – TMP-2_24

Control knobs are affixed with top-positioned Phillips screws. RT display will show the number you entered, and scanning will begin. The Passive Late Net Entry process enables an operator to re-enter ttm net without requiring action on the part of the NCS or other net operators. Long Range LR Radio components.

If, for example, it is necessary to communicate with elements of a different division, you would load their TEK into the channel you intend to use for that purpose. RT display changes to ON. Contact distant station c.

Intercom Accent When ON, this switch reduces the volume level of radio traffic; intercom volume level remains unchanged. For detailed procedures, see Figure 4.

There is no action required on the part of the operator. You may both create and read memos. Net update ERF is transmitted over the operational channel.

tm 11-5820-890-10-8 sincgars ground icom

This task is performed prior to net openings and during periodic ANCD data updates. Perform Hot Start Net Opening Required when the net has been down, for any reason and for any period of time, and is now to become operational at a prescribed time.


Battery Tray, CY Selected configurations only. Conduct Hot Start net opening task. Receive Place handset near one end and adjust volume to required level for reception.

TM SINCGARS Ground Combat Net Radio ICOM Manual

Turning it clockwise bnghtens displays; counterclockwise dims displays. Commander and Crewmember Control Box C 3. This clock shows that for normal 9: It is not used by operators.

Send us an EIR. Basic rule is to use the least amount of Tn power needed to communicate with other stations. The selected field has a highlighted border. In the EQUAL position, all four radios connected to the multiplexer will have equal communications priority. Disconnecting the fill device will correct the FAIL 5 situation. Whatever the cause, the answer is to establish an RXMT station at a site that will enable the NCS requesting station and outstation to continue, or resume, communications.

Store time in RT.

Codes applicable to this hand receipt are as follows: The ESC key will always return you to the previous condition. When antenna is disconnected, SIG display drops and noise disappears or is reduced. When this key is pressed, the RT display 1523ee battery life indication. To adjust handset volume, push control in and turn. Go to Step 5 1 Is there FH data loaded in the operational channel?

Equipment is fully mission capable, or; Corrective actions are being or have been taken, and; Required repairs are being made or have been requested of the proper maintenance leveland; Required supplies and repair parts are on hand or have been requisitioned.


These data elements must be manually loaded into the radio even when an ERF is to be sent. The two-digit Julian Date begins with 01 for 1 January and continues through to 00, repeating as necessary to cover the entire year.

TM 11-5820-890-10-HR

All three digits of net ID may be changed by operator. The frequency manager at division, corps, or higher headquarters ensures best overall usage of frequencies when developing hopsets. Both regular and SLPA antennas are provided for selected combat vehicles, tanks for example.

For example, when Zulu time is hours, local time in New York isand in California it is The procedure includes a polling feature which allows the NCS to determine by automatic query if up to 16 net operators designated by special ID numbers did or did not receive the SOI information sent by Broadcast. The unit has all the active data, loadset and SOI, it needs for 30 days. Selection of the FH position places the radio in the frequency hopping mode of operation.