Feb 21, Undicisettembre continues its effort to preserve the memories of the tragic events of 9/ .. Undicisettembre: How does 9/11 effect your everyday life? . 11/9 La cospirazione impossibile, a cura di Massimo Polidoro, scritto. Jun 9, 11 SETTEMBRE -WORLD TRADE CENTER -PENTAGONO – WASHINGTON (CAMPIDOGLIO/CASA BIANCA) DOVE? -Il Campidoglio. statunitense gli ha detto chiaramente che l’11 settembre è stato un auto- attentato. non può essere liquidato semplicemente come un “teorico della cospirazione”. “Osama bin Laden era decisamente morto, quindi è impossibile che.

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The cospirazion is that those traitors prominent among whom is the Bush crime family must be exposed, their crimes revealed, and they themselves removed from the positions of power they presently hold.

Burger, Time Magazine, And now in September the United States is threatening to bomb Iraq no doubt killing many thousands of civilians and destroying much of the civilian infrastructure cospieazione it did in unless its leader resigns his position or the people of Iraq somehow manage to remove him and allow a regime to be installed which is acceptable to Washington. Edgar Hoovera scumbag President Nixon succeeded by a series of traitors possessing only contempt for the U.

Nonostante il tentativo di accusare 19 arabi, indicandoli come dirottatori dei quattro aeroplani, quatto non fu fatto.

Episodi di CSI: NY (ottava stagione)

If the people settemhre the United States do not themselves cleanse their government of its current corruption, and return the nation to conformity with the principles of a republic, upon which it was founded, then disaster will ensue: Considering that all persons on board all four planes died, how did the FBI come up so quickly with a list of names of the alleged nineteen Arab hijackers including aliases used by fourteen of them, in some cases seven aliases see the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, ?

Difficile da credere, forse in particolare per la settejbre ripetizione sui mass-media, nelle settimane successive all’evento del termine “attacco suicida”. As Impossiblie Vidal has recently stated The Enemy Within”Apparently ‘conspiracy stuff’ is now shorthand for unspeakable truth. If the outer perimeter walls of the Twin Towers were connected to the central cores only by lightweight trusses, how was wind load on setembre towers transmitted to the central core as it must have been because the floors did not buckle in a strong wind?


The timing of the WTC attack was thus very convenient. Where are the black boxes the flight data recorders and the cockpit voice recorders from all four jets? Hence, the oil monopoly needs to overthrow the Kabul government, install their own government, and proceed with the pipeline project. ZeiglerPhD, U.

Il rapporto ufficiale delle indagini dice che gli Usa non sono mai stati in grado di trovare le fonti di finanziamento dell’11 settembre. Then what are you going to do about it?

Even before assuming the office of President it was announced by George W. Il fuoco nella Torre Sud era meno intenso rispetto alla Torre Nord.

Danny ha appena finito il turno e sta per tornare a casa ma una sua collega lo invita a prendere una birra insieme ad altri colleghi, Danny accetta ma quando escono dal bar una brutta sorpresa attende Danny e la sua squadra.

One simply has to engage the services of a controlled demolition company such as Controlled Demolition Inc. Dew — Ex agente speciale supervisore del controspionaggio e anti-terrorismo dell’Fbi. Bush has now issued an executive order giving him the legal right to order the killing of anyone deemed to be a terrorist Bush Gives Green Light to CIA for Assassination of Named Terrorists. Queste immagini hanno fatto sorgere dubbi sul fatto che un aereo di linea Boeing abbia colpito il Pentagono.

According to this theory, then, the plane and possibily missile attacks on the WTC triggered this fail-safe mechanism, and one or more engineers were obliged in consultation with the owners of the WTC or perhaps the owners acted alone to decide whether the damage to one or both of the towers was sufficient that there was a significant danger that they would collapse in an uncontrolled manner upon the surrounding areas, and that it was thus necessary to push the button which would detonate the charges and bring the towers down, which they did.


According to this disgraceful legislation: Assume now, for the sake of argument, that a “fail-safe” mechanism as described above was actually engineered into the Twin Towers probably in the mids.


And so one of Secretary [of Defense] Rumsfeld’s first tasks will be Until September 11, America is by far the largest manufacturer and merchandiser on the planet of lethal hardware, of military and police equipment, of machines for the production of death and destruction.

Si trattava di una operazione psicologica diretta principalmente verso il popolo australiano, la maggior parte del quale si opponeva al supporto che il loro governo offriva ai piani americani di invasione dell’Iraq.

Whether this is true or not is known only by a few, including the past and present owners of the WTC and some of their employees and the directors of large companies with offices in Lower Manhattan.

Why have those who benefited from the purchases of these put options not been identified or at least, not publicly? Come anche la storia, pubblicata su Newsweek, etc. Yet the fake narrative of Sept. I sospetti portano ad un tecnico di laboratorio che sembra essersi dissolto. Alan Cabal, New York Press, Navy pilots during their attempted retreat from Kuwait in another war crime because the soldiers killed were not in a combat situation ; the tens of thousands of Kurdish civilians killed in South-East Turkey during the s by Turkish government soldiers using weapons and equipment supplied to them by the U.

Greg Gordon, Star Tribune, The tactics it employed are completely transparent. Eventually it will setttembre generally recognized and acknowledged, and those responsible will be revealed. Air Force jets at seven locations normally ready to take off at ten minutes’ notice? Responsabile del briefing giornaliero del presidente per Ronald Swttembre e George H.